Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Our LDD Community...

Blogging is a fantastic way of reaching out to like-minded people.
I have discovered that what I previously considered as huge differences, in other people’s practises, implementations and variations of the LDD lifestyle, has now diminished to a more even proportion... By breaking down the barriers that divide our community, we are unifying our beliefs and practices. We are standing proudly against 'vanilla' criticism, proclaiming our disciplinary practices as normal, healthy and natural expressions of who we are...

I was recently emailed by a lady, who asked me (after reading my latest posting on calling my HOH ‘Sir’ during discipline) if it doesn’t put our practice into a different category of Dom/sub or Master/slave? I politely emailed back telling her, that I’m not really too familiar on the various acronyms, or definitions surrounding the spanking scene. That both R and I were following the conventional practise of Loving Domestic Discipline, as founded by:

This whole issue about definitions did make me wonder, however...

When I first started blogging, I shamefully admit that I was judgemental. I was constantly trying to affirm what was/wasn’t LDD. I was constantly trying to form a ‘definition’ of what LDD was in my mind. Definitions, by their very nature, drive a wedge between people. However, by concentrating on the positive (our similarities not differences) dispels these barriers which keep us apart. It is a great shame that there are so many different 'categories' within the spanking genre. Without barriers, we could focus on our similarities and experiences. Without barriers, we would exchange ideas, lend support which would emerge from the frailty of our human feelings and emotions. Such expressions of human nature, would stand us in good stead, for having an increased awareness and deeper understanding about each other's needs. It would stand us in good stead, for standing side by side in solidarity. We would be brought together as a community, which stands firm and solid in its belief, against the ridicule and slander from those who mock our lifestyle.

Many people, who have quite different disciplinary/sexual practices to mine, came to my site and reached out. They reached out when I was on an ebb. I felt so depressed with all our family upheaval and yet they reached out with such friendliness, love and encouragement. Their tremendous act of support deeply shamed me for secretly holding such bias and discriminatory views... *sorry*

I suppose the great thing about life is that we learn from our mistakes and move on. Each time moving up a notch in our knowledge or spiritual understanding and growth... Each time becoming a little more tolerant of each others views and differences...

If we ‘must’ consider a definition for Loving Domestic Discipline; the definition already exists in its name:

LOVING – it is a loving act. Discipline, is the most loving act a man can give to his woman. People, who violently beat and mistreat their spouse, would most certainly not be following the LDD lifestyle! Likewise, the lifestyle is a loving contract between two people. Spanking his woman before entering into the agreement to follow this lifestyle is abuse - LDD is consensual.

DOMESTIC – is really synonymous with loving. You really need to be in a ‘loving’ and ‘committed’ relationship to follow this lifestyle. Effective behaviour modification would not be able to take place from a one night stand, nor trusting the leadership from a complete stranger. Behaviour modification is only effective as a continuum. A woman's behavioural improvement, growth and development, could not be successfully monitored in an ad-hoc relationship.

DISCIPLINE – is an aid of teaching, correcting and training. Discipline is meant to be temporarily unpleasant and spanking temporarily painful. Discipline must never cause permanent physical/psychological damage. Discipline is not akin to abuse.

Hope you all have a wonderful Easter!



At 12.4.06, Blogger SmartNnaughty said...


I really liked the way you defined loving domestic discipline. It is all so plain and simple while not being easy. I liked what you wrote a lot.

I just have to work at getting MG to spank me on a regular basis or accept that he won't spank me on a regular basis. Ahh, that is what life is all about, isn't it!


At 13.4.06, Blogger rivka said...

I had to give up on exact labels a while back...
Right now I'm sort of going with a general D/s, D/d thing... but what we do and who we are still doesn't quite fit anywhere.

At 15.4.06, Blogger C's Correction said...

Hello smartnnaughty,
Recently, I’ve been amazed to discover how the act of respectfully 'requesting' a spanking for either stress or misbehaviour (which R's attention has not been drawn to)can be a profoundly humbling experience. In events such as this, I've found that it really strengthens my submission to R.

Happy spankings!

Hello Rivka,
Yes, it's such a pity we have to use labels. You are right, labelling people ‘pigeon holes’ them within very tight parameters - human nature simply isn't like that, we are far too complex a species to be categorised. Also, labelling is a very negative force which can only result in driving our community apart.

Take care,


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