Thursday, September 01, 2005

My First Confession To My Husband and The Spanking Punishment...

Eight years ago my husband had an affair whilst working in the city, this resulted in a illegitimate child being born and having to pay enormous amounts of money to the CSA (Child support Agency). Such an act affected my whole family since we could no longer afford the very high boarding school fees and the children had to be put into local schools, which had disastrous social, emotional and academic affects on both of them.

During this time I tried to keep the family together, but I totally lost my libido and R and I found that we were drifting further and further apart...
In all my sexual fantasies it was always my husband's face that I saw. I simply couldn't imagine giving myself in total submission to another man... Such a fantasy just wouldn't work, since I had to have certain criteria as a framework inorder to release my sexuality. Namely, total trust, total respect and total love. Without these elements the whole act of giving ones essence over (mind body and soul) wouldn't have been possible!

Recently my libido returned, not just a little but so much that I didn't know how to control my desires... This time, however, it was not my husband's face that I saw but some faceless man spanking me and penetrating me hard.
I decided to buy some interesting "spanking magazines" over the internet and eBay having a good choice I selected and got in touch with the seller. Pretty soon the seller and I started talking about what turns us on about spanking and I found (much to my regret) that I was quite literally telling him my life history. I became like putty in his hands and we made plans to meet up as "school master" and "very willful pupil." Having an attire of various Public School uniforms and having been educated in all girls Catholic Boarding Schools, I planned to make the experience extremely realistic for him.

All this time my husband was working in the city, one weekend I was so turned on by my secret internet affair that I told my husband in the hope of quickly getting my bottom spanked and being made love to. I confessed to my husband about my rendezvous with "A" before he left the city, our marriage was almost over it was all just a matter of time... My husband listened and then told me authoritatively to go to bed and that we would talk in the morning. That night I couldn't sleep, I missed that tone in my husband's voice and was quite scared at what he was planning to do... When he arrived home he made me fetch a small stool and hairbrush and place this in the bedroom. He first told me to sit on the stool and think about two things... A "safe"word (which I have never needed before!) and to compose a meaningful confession. I sat there wondering what he was going to do desperately trying to compose a meaningful confession in my head. He then told me to strip down to just my white silk panties and stand on top of the stool and make the complete confession to him. I felt totally humiliated standing there, since it was about 8 years since we last made love or shared a bed together. It was 8 years since he last saw me naked! After the confession he quietly told me to bend right over the stool and to use the "safe" word if necessary that the punishment he was about to administer would be long and hard lasting 10 min. He first started spanking me with his hand over my panties and then pulled my panties right down and continued to deliver hard slaps with his hand. Suddenly he switched to the hairbrush the pain was immense and my rear felt that it was on fire... For 10 min he continued spanking me in this VERY hard way!! I cried begged and pleaded for him to stop but I did not use the "safe" word since I knew that I thoroughly DESERVED such a sound punishment. When he had finished I thought that I would never regain any feeling from my poor throbbing bottom. It was so sore that I couldn't stand up and walk without making the pain worse! My most comfortable position was to stay bent over the stool with my VERY red bottom sticking out. My husband tenderly helped me to bed where we made very gentle love .
I am so very, very sorry R!


At 1.7.07, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are so good at submitting. I admire you grestly for that

At 27.4.09, Blogger Ben said...

I think that you are never going to do that again. The affir I mena.


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