Wednesday, August 30, 2006

A Poem – “Implements”

The implements are ready,
laid out upon our bed.
LJ will carve out little rings,
raised and sore and red!

The strap looking kinda gruesome,
rubbed down with a little oil.
Will soon unfurl its vengeance,
as its leather will uncoil.

The paddle (my most loathed implement)
its correction penetrating deep.
The impact lasting until morning,
its soreness makes me weep!

With the hairbrush there’s a choice,
bristles or smoothness at either end?
If I really wriggle then....
“bristles” the loud clear message sends!

The cane is used as a last resort,
its lashings really welt!
Sometimes I do deserve it, :-(
but prefer...the paddle, strap or belt!

The belt with its duel purpose,
a buckle at one end.
The buckle part a “warning” used,
my attitude to mend!!!

The switch, I am instructed,
to select and cut my own.
My humble heart fills me with shame,
obeying your commanding tone!

The Scottish tawse, severe enough,
to be felt through the thickest kilt,
More than a “wee dram” needed,
to alleviate the pain it’s built!

Out of all these implements,
the one I much prefer....
Is the firm application of your hand,
intimate feelings it can stir!!!


N.B. "wee dram" is Scottish for a little tipple or drink (usually referring to whiskey!)


At 30.8.06, Blogger WistfulWench said...

C, your talent is remarkable! I love the poems!

At 30.8.06, Blogger C's Correction said...

Thank you wisty :-)

At 1.9.06, Anonymous Sassyminx said...

C, I have really been enjoying your poems. Thank-you for sharing thme with us.

At 5.9.06, Blogger C's Correction said...

Thank you sassyminx,
I've had a look at your site - quite fascinating! Presently, I've only had time to briefly skim through your article on Submission, which I really enjoyed! I really like your caption "To obey him is to love him" it is my belief that submission, obedience and surrender is the greatest gift of love a woman can give her man. I'm off on vacation tomorrow for a month so unfortunately won't have time to indulge in your wonderful site, nor give it the justice it deserves until I get back. Your site is very creative I must add!

I’ve added you as a link (if you don’t mind) I think many of my readers will enjoy reading your posts :-)



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