Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Almost three months until our LDD social gathering!

Dear readers,

Well, doesn’t time fly? In almost three months we will finally get to meet each other at our social gathering! SnN and I will do our very best to sort out our venue by late August. If this proves too difficult, then it will be early to mid October at the latest. I will be away for the whole of September in Africa, so it will be difficult to get anything organised in September and SnN is away on a cruise in mid October. It is therefore imperative that we don't miss our window of opportunity!

We have filed everyone’s details and will be in touch. :-)

I’m really very excited!! Just think this will be our first ever Loving Domestic Discipline get together – a very momentous occasion indeed!

We still need suggestions on what topics you all want to discuss? One topic which I think may be a good idea, is the whole area of submission, respect, leadership and authority. Those women who are going to the Surrendered Wife workshop in the afternoon will have already gained much wisdom in this area. It will, therefore, be nice to share our experience of the workshop, with those who were unable to make it.

If anyone wants to give a presentation on any LDD related topic, then please be our guest! This is your social event and it would be great to make it as interactive as possible.

Thank you to all who have contacted SnN or myself regarding the social evening. We have had a good response, but still have room for more – so please remember to keep your emails coming in! There are also plenty places left for any women interested in the Surrendered Wife workshop…

I’m really excited about meeting so many of you who are living the Loving Domestic Discipline lifestyle!



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