Sunday, July 30, 2006

~Benefits from my Transformational Spanking~

Dear readers,

It is now just over a month since my Transformational Discipline and yes, I have been transformed in so many different ways. I was given an almighty spanking over a month ago, in order to put me back in touch with my submission to my man.

I have actually been transformed on many different levels. My eating disorder which is my biggest misbehaviour, has significantly improved. I'm no longer so anxious about what I eat, I no longer consider every morsel eaten as such a big deal. There have also been significant improvements concerning other smaller issues such as organisation and time management. But by far my biggest improvement, is my submission to R. I have discovered a new increased awareness, which is keeping me in a submissive state for longer… I have discovered that even when my man isn’t physically with me, I am immersed in a state of total belonging and surrender. I have discovered that I’m more in tune with his wishes - that I have become more respectful and obedient to my HOH’s authority.

For two weeks straight after my Transformational Discipline, I was in Eastern Europe. The time apart was well spent, since it gave me a chance to really examine my misbehaviours and see a clear path to setting them straight. R texted me before I travelled back home and instructed me to both show and prove my submission to him. I was a little concerned about this, although I felt very much in tune with my femininity and submission, I didn’t really know what R wanted in terms of proof?

Straight from the airport we went to a restaurant. I was tired and made a trivial, but nevertheless thoughtless comment. R told me off for my thoughtless misbehaviour and I started crying - I've never really cried in a public place before and was quite embarrassed. R’s scolding was really very mild, but my submissive awareness being more heightened, penetrated deeply and hurt. I was acutely aware that my disrespectful remark had displeased my HOH. This awareness of displeasing, had the effect of making me feel a deep dread, which made me physically hurt all over. R, however, looked pleased, “Don’t cry darling, I told you to prove your submission to me and you're doing it right now. Good girl!”

My Transformational Discipline, has not only had a profound affect on me, but R has been affected too. My HOH is certainly a lot stricter since his administration of such a discipline. This is a classic example of how submission and authority flow in a synergistic relationship with each other – the more submissive I am, the more authoritative my HOH and vice versa. R is now requiring me to write in my journal twice daily (previously I only had to write once.) Every morning I must make lists of duties and in the evening tick them off and give explanations why a certain chore was not met. This is in addition to recording any misbehaviours which may occur, feelings associated with the misbehaviour and any punishment R said he will administer. As well as any "good girl" extras I've carried out to make my HOH extra pleased with me.

Another example of R’s strictness, manifested itself last weekend. We were both out walking when I dropped my new cell phone. Before I could stop myself, the word sh*t came out as I examined the scratched corners on my brand new phone. R loathes profanities of any description, claiming that it shows a complete lack of respect to the self and to whoever else is in earshot, luckily I seldom use words such as this and never anything stronger. However, on this occasion the word just sort of slipped out… R grabbed my arm and marched me to a secluded spot where he spanked me hard for my total lack of composure. Thankfully, he did not administer this spanking on my bare bottom like he usually does. My spanking was to serve more as a "warning" rather than punishment, to remain sweetly feminine and submissive at all times, despite life’s unexpected mishaps!

I hope I haven’t alarmed any of my dear readers. Spanking out of doors may not be the standard Loving Domestic Discipline practise, but it definitely isn't just something kinky and it certainly works for us. My HOH seldom uses such disciplinary methods. I believe I’ve only been disciplined like this about eight or nine times in the whole course of our marriage. My husband will only ever implement such discipline, when I have taken leave of my senses and lost control. I have a wild Eastern European temper, which seldom gets out, but when it does (whether we are out of doors or not) there is absolutely no stopping me! The last serious bare bottomed spanking my man administered outside, was over our daughter’s problems, when she engaged in self harm and got expelled from school. On the way to Z's school I had completely lost all control, blaming my man for her unbalanced psychological state! Blaming his affair and telling him that I was leaving him! If my HOH hadn’t taken action quickly, then I would have been too wrapped up in my own anger and the argument would have continued for hours.... I certainly would not have been able to offer the immediate strength, nurture and support that Z needed!

The fact that I was spanked outside for a relatively minor offence, clearly demonstrates that my HOH has upped the ante when it comes to how he expects me to behave. My Transformational spanking has had very clear benefits in eradicating many of my previous misbehaviours. Since my Transformational spanking, I have definitely been transformed into a more submissive, obedient, peaceful, respectful, loving and attentive wife!!



At 1.8.06, Blogger WistfulWench said...

Isn't it wonderful when things begin to shift in your head? The reason is sometimes less important than the outcome.

I'm so happy this has been such a benefit for you!

At 4.8.06, Blogger C's Correction said...

Hi wisty!

Thank you for such a sweet comment.
You are so right about the reason sometimes being less important than the outcome. In this example the outcome managed to penetrate on many different levels ;-)

Thanks for all your help!


At 28.7.07, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My HOH carries a fly swatter with him, even when we go out for a little while, if i misbehave, the minute we get back to our van, my pants and underpanties are pulled down, and i get a hard fast swift, transformational whipping. Usually about fifty lashes. but it has to be serious. for that to happen. my HOH, makes me lay where I got spanked for the ride home bare bottomed. He spanks my bottom from the garge to our bedroom, and for the rest of the day or night i have to be naked and submit to periodic swats.

At 28.7.07, Blogger C's Correction said...

It sounds like you have an HOH who puts a lot of effort into your discipline. You are very lucky! I hope you always remember to thank your HOH properly.


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