Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Loving Domestic Discipline Party Announcement...


A Loving Domestic Discipline

Social Gathering

Who: Anyone interested in LDD

What: An Anonymous Social Event

When: Saturday Evening, November 11, 2006

Where: Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Why: Because it would be nice to meet others who share the same interest and talk about about it in real life.

SmartNnaughty from myspankodiary2 and I have dreamed up this idea to actually meet others that think like we do. It will be held in a public place, please email for details.

Everyone will remain anonymous and we encourage you to use something other than your real name. This event is a respectable affair with appropriate dress code for people that want to discuss LDD and how it works in their lives.

If this sounds like something you would like to attend, please email either SNN or me for more information.

Come and meet us in November!

smartnnaughty2@yahoo.com or rncblog@yahoo.co.uk


At 7.6.06, Blogger Storm Rider said...

I would love to go to one, but Im afraid my brain (the upper one) would'nt work to well!LOL

At 8.6.06, Blogger C's Correction said...

But how can we ladies survive without your wit Storm? ;-)

At 9.6.06, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Would single ladies be welcome or is this for couples that are already in a LDD relationship. My HOH and I might be interested. We know a couple of single ladies that are looking for this type of lifestyle as well. It would be great if some single guys could come too.

At 9.6.06, Blogger C's Correction said...

Hello anonymous 9th of June,

The LDD social gathering is open to all - everyone is most welcome. But the purpose of the event is not to turn it into some "dating" evening, since this was not the original intent. This doesn't mean that singles won't meet each other, it simply means that it will also be an opportunity to learn from each other's practices.

Thank you for your enquiry and hope you all manage to attend. It should be a really great night :-)


At 17.6.06, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't think singles attending or "connecting" through such a party should be discouraged at all. In fact, it might be one of the reasons to go. Personally, I am looking for a single lady (<36) who would enjoy this lifestyle... and would certainly be open to meeting likeminded bachelorettes!!

At 17.6.06, Blogger C's Correction said...

Dear anonymous June 17th,

Thank you for your comment :-)

I do agree with you, but the purpose of our evening offers so much more….

SnN and I haven’t begun to think of an agenda yet. I think we want to make the beginning quite structured, as a way of breaking the ice and getting to know each other. A rough guide on topic areas may/may not include some of the following:

1) To discuss LDD methods and practises in a broad sense.

2) To discuss the significance of LDD’s contribution in day to day life.

3) To discuss its benefits - how people have grown, developed and improved as a result of this lifestyle.

4) To discuss the difficulties of meeting other LDD’ers (for singles and couples.) The forming of friendships or the entering into new relationships. How do we broach the subject of LDD without being ridiculed or criticised?

5) To explore the notion of coming out of the closet and normalising LDD.

6) To discuss the difficulties of a "spanko/vanilla" type of relationship. Is there a solution to the problem?

7) To explore traumatic life events and discuss what significance (if any?) LDD has had in combating such difficulties.

8) For HOH’s to get together and discuss new disciplinary techniques and approaches. Discuss behaviour modification and the usefulness of different implements.

9) For women to discuss issues and offer tips and advice in areas such as obedience, submission and respect. To discuss which behaviours are more challenging than others.

10) To discuss other more alternative/advanced LDD methods.

11) For everyone to really learn from each other. The purpose of this gathering is to form (much needed) contacts and make friends/acquaintances with likeminded people. To form that close network of support.

12) To relax, share experiences, chat and have fun!!

The intention of this event is to form a bridge to reach one another. To turn what is presently a "virtual" community into a community which is more "tangible."

It is inevitable that people will meet and form connections. If such connections turn into long and lasting relationships then this would be great! ;-) However, if we stick to the premise that the evening is a social event to meet people, regardless of whether they are the correct gender - then no one should be disappointed or get hurt. Everyone should have a good time.

I’m sorry I haven’t posted your email address, but I have kept it filed anon. I didn't want to start a trend of people posting their email addresses and using this site in search for a mate. I hope you understand my reasons. If you like I will pass on your email to any suitable female enquirers?

All the best and good luck!


If anyone has any suggestions for topic areas (or even abandon the idea of topic areas) or any other suggestions to do with the gathering, then please email either SnN or myself. Emails found at the bottom of the “Party Announcement” posting.

This is after all your gathering and we want you to feel as much involved in its creation as we are :-)


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