Monday, January 16, 2006

Our Christmas Present....

As a Christmas present from my HOH, he is taking me on a 5 week vacation. Amongst other places, he is taking me to… “An area the same size as the US, with a population of around ½ a million for the WHOLE of that area!” Considering, that there are 8 million in New York City alone… Can anyone guess where R and I are going??

Around 1,000 different languages are spoken. However, most of these languages have no word for “stress!” It must be REALLY frustrating to want a “stress relief spanking,” but have no word in that particular language, with which to communicate it…. ;)



At 16.1.06, Blogger Bonnie said...


Might it be Australia, or at least the interior, mostly uninhabited part? If so, it sounds like a trip of a lifetime. That's wonderful!

If not, I'm sure it will be a unique experience. Siberia maybe?

Best wishes!

At 17.1.06, Blogger ann regel said...

Ohhhh, I hate quizzes when I don't know the answer!

I hope you have a wonderful trip and lots to share when you get back.

At 17.1.06, Blogger Storm Rider said...

I agree with Bonnie, I think its Australia also!
I heard they have 6 women to every male! (Who else would know stats like that!) LOL

At 17.1.06, Blogger C's Correction said...


Thank you for your kind wishes I'm sure we will have a lovely vacation! I'm afraid that it is neither Australia nor Siberia. I will be posting the answer on Monday :)


Thank you for your kind wishes also. Don't worry - I'm absolutely useless at quizzes too ;)


No, it's not Australia. 6 women to every man?? It sounds like you've visited Australia more than just a few times, hmmm???

At 17.1.06, Blogger Storm Rider said...

Nope, never been Sweety, but Im afraid when ol Storm was much younger I surley nailed more women than there are days in a year!Thats a no bullshit answer!
We volunteered for a patrol when I was in Vietnam and the prize was one week in Austrlia,unfortunatly I lost half of my team and my brain was far from thinking of fucking anything after that.

At 23.1.06, Blogger ann regel said...


I have a friendly reminder. It is Monday. Did you know that? What did you promise your faithful readers on Monday?

*sorry, I guess I'm just in a bratty mood today*

Love to you and R


At 23.1.06, Blogger C's Correction said...

Dear SnN,

Thank you for your reminder!

***We are going to the Sahara desert (Timbuktu) amongst other sub-Saharan African countries...***

Sorry about the delay. You are of course quite right to remind us!
I've been feeling quite bratty myself lately... I don't really know if it's the excitement of the trip but my mood has been quite wrought! I think I've been over R's knee more times than I would care to mention since Christmas!

Thank you for your continued interest.... :)


At 23.1.06, Blogger ann regel said...

Oh, C! I am so excited for you. When do you leave and when do you return.

I've found myself OTK as well. I'm still trying to figure out that if it hurts so much when it is happening, why do I still like it so much? I will rank that question right up there with "what is the meaning of life." Sometimes there just aren't answers.

Glad to know the answer to your quiz though. You will come back with lots of interesting stories. Do you think R will spank you with exotic implements and wild animals watching?

Have a FANTASTic trip!

At 24.1.06, Blogger C's Correction said...

Thank you SnN! You are kind!

R and I will tell you all about our trip when we get back.
We still have to apply for our visas but hope to leave at the end of next month.

Being spanked next to exotic and wild animals with different types of instruments.... now there's a thought?!

At 31.1.06, Blogger padme said...

I hope you have a wonderful trip ..thanks for your comment on my blog. That "the Dragon" sounds deadly. :)
Hope your doing ok...

At 31.1.06, Blogger Storm Rider said...

You have to update this sweety!


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