Sunday, November 13, 2005

An update from R

My Darling C,
I now have some time to blog your progress. It is almost five months since we started our new relationship. It has changed over that time to a much more honest and trusting one. I am very pleased about that!

In that time you have:
  • Offered your submission to me in the LDD format
  • Grown much closer to me and started to show me the respect you lost because of my affair. This is a big thing that is allowing us both to put the past behind us. I thank you for that from the bottom of my heart.
  • Confessed two serious things to me and a number of others along the way
  • Shown remarkable progress in resolving your most serious problem, thanks to the maintenance and punishment discipline I have given you.
  • Accepted a range of punishments and loving limits designed to improve your behaviour and wellbeing. In particular, I am pleased with the way you have accepted the "chores for computer time" system, although you still need practice in recording on the spreadsheet.
  • Established a blog that has growing numbers of visitors but most importantly chronicles our relationship.
  • Started to write poetry again! I love "The Belt" - it is very simple and poignant. "Chastisement" sounds better when recited but is still a very lovely poem.

So overall, I am most impressed. You have been a very good girl! That is not to say that there haven't been problems but you are aware of them and are keen to improve. I am keen to help you. So here are some things to help you make even more progress:

  • Do not directly request things that you think I should be doing. As HOH, I want the right to decide for myself the way I provide you with loving guidance and authority. It undermines me to hear you ask for this or that limit or discipline technique. You may journal them respectfully or you may request a review discussion. I will only allow review discussions up to once a month unless there is a compelling reason. Please do not misunderstand this point. I am glad that you make these suggestions but I do not like the way they are delivered.
  • Try to think about what would please me. This is most likely to be your good behaviour rather than gifts or kind words. So, for example, you rightly told me about your late bed times. While I was pleased that you told me, it dissapointed me for two reasons. Firstly, I expect you to be sensible about such things so you should not have been going to bed so late when I am away in the first place. Secondly, I was undermined by you asking for the bed time. If you had simply told me you were going to bed late don't you think I would have been able to decide what to do about it?
  • Think hard about what you are sending to others in emails and on blogs. You have caused some controversy and even put one person in a difficult position recently. I will give you a humiliating punishment if anything like that happens again. Your emails should be moderate and well thought out. If you think about how I would react if I was there then that should help you to be more moderate.
  • Respect my work time. As we have grown closer, you have sometimes telephoned three or more times during the day. This is not conducive to a professional image and gives me uneccessary stress while I am at work. Unless there is a real crisis, you should not telephone between 09:00 and 17:30. I will always look forward to a call after that, however! If it helps, why not jot down the thing that you wanted to talk about in your journal so that it is easier to remember it later on in the day?

So my darling, I think this is an excellent report! You are doing remarkably well and I am very pleased. If you look back at our early posts, I think you will see what I mean.

With love




At 16.11.05, Blogger C's Correction said...

My dearest R,

Thank you, for such an encouraging report! I'm sorry, it has taken me so long to post a comment back, but I've been rather tied up with catching up on 'chores for computer time!';)

My submission, is a natural and feminine response, to your authority R and it is this authority, which makes me respect you.

Thank you, for each and every discipline you have implemented, in order to make me a more fulfilled, loved and happy wife and mother. The Punishment Disciplines you have bestowed may indeed have been very unpleasant and painful, but they have taught me really valuable lessons! Your non-spanking disciplines such as Corner Time is most effective, since it removes me from the offending situation and makes me have a 'long, hard, think' about my misbehaviour. Thank you also for the 'Chores for Computer Time.' Your system is working very well! It is also, very valuable, since you're teaching me a new and useful skill, in learning how to use a 'spread-sheet.'

You are the HOH - the leader in our family. I'm sorry and feel deeply ashamed that I'm still controlling our LDD lifestyle. I promise to relinquish my control. You are HEAD OF HOUSE - the head of OUR family. You and ONLY you are in charge!

You are absolutely right! I'm far too emotive in my postings to other emails and blogs! I shall try my very best to take a more pragmatic approach.

I'm so sorry for ringing you during work hours. I have now stopped and will only ring you after 6.00pm.

I want you to be very proud of me R. I would dearly like to get to the stage where you reap the results which you have painstakingly sown.

Your loving wife,
C xxxx


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