Monday, April 03, 2006

LDD an Effective Technique for Behaviour Modification

R and I are truly amazed, at how effective Loving Domestic Discipline (LDD) is, as a tool used for behaviour modification. We cannot articulate any clearer, that the administration of a firm spanking, is an excellent remedy against negative attitudes and/or actions.

To truly learn from my misbehaviours, R has decided to keep all punitive forms of discipline separated from our sexual activities. Only once, did we end up making love, straight after a punishment spanking. In this event, R told me under no uncertain terms, that our lovemaking did not have anything at all to do with the discipline he had just administered. I’m glad my HOH has the wisdom to do this; otherwise there would be no clear boundary, between punitive and erotic type spankings. I’m not advocating that this is the only way forward. Many couples enjoy the union and re-connection from lovemaking, straight after discipline. Many women are driven to show their thanks, by putting their men’s manhood into their mouths, as a symbol of their overwhelming appreciation - this is a very viable, beautiful and natural form of gratitude. However, from a personal perspective, for behaviour modification to be truly effective, R has decided that separating the two works best for me. The reason behind his decision corresponds to the fact, that lessons I need to learn, carry a greater impact if they are not laced with sexual pleasures.

Since I first started blogging, I have learnt (and I’m still learning) many things about our lifestyle and the LDD community at large. I have come to realise, that although there are relatively few of us who solely follow this lifestyle, to a larger or greater extent - there are many more people following different variants, within the ‘spanking’ genre. Some people focusing purely on discipline as a sexual stimulus. Other people combining spanking with BDSM, exhibitionism or voyeurism, whilst others enjoying the theatrics of role-play.

As I have journeyed through these last six months, I have become acutely aware of how my own understanding has changed and developed over time. One example of this change is my reluctance to reveal my misbehaviours and punishments. Six months ago I would have been quite happy to disclose my misbehaviours and discipline. Now, however, I feel acutely humiliated and ashamed. Perhaps, the realism of the situation, has finally bedded down? Who knows…? From now on, unless my HOH instructs that I record my misbehaviours or punishments onto our blog – I will not be doing so voluntarily… I still cringe with embarrassment at the previous posts, where I’ve had to reveal my transgressions and spanking-punishments. :(

My whole attitude towards spanking has also changed, from one of a more sexual nature (fulfilling some father/daughter ‘naughty little girl’ type fantasy) to something that is very natural and real – something, that I believe, goes deep into the very core of my womanhood. Interestingly, prior to LDD, I was always craving this father /daughter fantasy. I would think about this fantasy often, but no matter how hard R tried to fulfil my desire, he could never meet my underlying need...
In other words, the need to fulfil this fantasy would frequently come to the forefront of my mind – the same spanking fantasy would crop up time and time again…. Perhaps, you may think at this point, that this is the very nature of a fantasy…? I used to think so too, before the implementation of Loving Domestic Discipline. But, now that I have almost stopped all of my ‘bratting,’ handed all control to R and have fully engaged in LDD, I have found that my spanking fantasies have nearly completely diminished. I have found that the pure simplicity and very natural attributes of LDD have dispelled all earlier spanking ‘cravings.’ Spanking for ‘real’ and ‘justified’ misbehaviours have addressed some very deep need which I have always intensely desired, but neither R nor I had the knowledge of LDD, or wherewithal, to have these needs properly met.

Since the implementation of LDD, my most destructive misbehaviour only emerges in times of acute stress, before it could go on for weeks, unnoticed and unchecked. Keeping such a secret from my HOH, made me feel very guilty, which only accentuated my anxiety and perpetuated this compulsive misbehaviour. Loving Domestic Discipline has been extremely effective as a tool for changing both my misbehaviour and attitudes surrounding my misbehaviour. R deals with this negative behaviour ‘head on,’ by administering a punishment spanking. For such a severe offence he uses the cane – just the thought of the cane often makes me reconsider my options. I am after all in charge of my own actions and only have myself to blame for any consequences… As far as my attitudes towards this particular misbehaviour are concerned, R has helped, by administering weekly Maintenance Discipline. Regular Maintenance Discipline and also Pre-emptive Discipline, before difficult events - where I’m more than likely to engage in this type of misbehaviour, have been immensely valuable. Both Maintenance and Pre-emptive Discipline have helped in breaking the cycle of the particular attitudes which trigger this compulsive behaviour.

My moods have also changed… So many people have noticed that I’m so much calmer, happier and mellower than before. I used to be quite flighty and quick tempered. I used to jump to the wrong conclusions about situations, before carefully considering the all the facts. LDD has given me boundaries (loving limits) which surround me in protection and love. The implementation of Loving Domestic Discipline, has caused an exuberant deep sense of love and peace within our family and this ethos is felt by all who enter our home.



At 3.4.06, Blogger SmartNnaughty said...


You sounds so confident and assured of who you are. It is easy to see the positive effects of LDD on your life. I am so happy for you!


At 4.4.06, Blogger rivka said...

That is wonderful, C. I know you're being totally honest, too, because a lot of those same results are a part of my life since D/d as well. Love it!

At 4.4.06, Blogger C's Correction said...

Dear SmartNnaughty and Rivka,

Thank you both for your kind comments.
Yes, LDD is a wonderful lifestyle, with so many benefits... so many in fact that we have only just began to explore the surface... just think what there is left to uncover!


At 4.4.06, Blogger SpankedMinx said...

Yup really glad it's goin well for ya!

At 5.4.06, Blogger C's Correction said...

Thanx minxy!


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