Wednesday, March 15, 2006

A Poem – "My Paddle of Correction"

In the corner of our hall way,
Visible for all to see.
Stands my paddle of correction,
Which you use to punish me.

Friends and visitors, who enter,
Politely wonder – never say.
Why my paddle of correction,
Is kept in such a ‘central’ way?

If I misbehave in public,
And I disrespect you so.
I must get my paddle of correction,
Since, its use will help me grow.

I know I must obey you,
Arguments, I cannot win.
I bring my paddle of correction,
Into the room we’re in...

Astonished looks escape our neighbours,
Nervous spasms, twitch side to side.
Their faces betray discomfort,
They know not where to hide!

Being witness to correction,
They know not what to do...
When I’m told to bend right over,
And bare my all - in front of you!


N.B. Loving Domestic Discipline does not advocate to exhibitionism of any description. This poem simply attempts to illustrate a more 'comic' and 'light hearted' view of discipline.


At 16.3.06, Anonymous Anonymous said...


I've been getting spanked since the night we got engaged, six years ago, when I was 46. I've never actually been spanked right in front of others, but certainly I've been spanked in situations where my husband removed me from the group, to the next room or outside. People knew what was happening. They could hear the belt, could see my tears when I returned. It was very embarassing, but the lessons were well-learned. I thank Creation for my wonderful husband.

At 16.3.06, Blogger C's Correction said...

Hi anonymous 16th of March,

I haven’t been spanked in front of others either. The poem depicted a bit of a farcical situation - that is all. ;)

I was only once taken upstairs during a dinner party and spanked.

In the first year of my marriage, I started flirting with my ex-boyfriend in front of my husband and was telling him all my husband's shortcomings. When I went into the kitchen to bring out the deserts my husband discretely followed me and told me to go upstairs and wait for him. He then went into the dinning room and served the deserts, before following me upstairs...

To this day I will never know if our guests knew about my spanking? There was something very embarrassing about being put over my husband's knee whilst wearing my long velvet 'Laura Ashley' evening dress, with white pearls and my hair all pinned up! Especially with my ex-boyfriend sitting downstairs!

I'm so pleased that you are living this wonderful lifestyle and that your husband is correcting your misbehaviours. I believe that it is a great act of love for husbands’ to do so!

Thank you for leaving a comment :)



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