Thursday, March 09, 2006

Very Grounded – Very Protected – Very Loved

A good firm spanking, administered by my husband when I misbehave, is better than champagne and caviar! In fact, it’s better than any gift he can give to me. It may not be pleasant at the time, but I grow as a result – spanking benefits me as a woman.

Not only does it benefit me, but ‘R’ benefits too. We both grow and develop as a result of my discipline. The more my submission to my HOH (Head of House) grows the more ‘R’s’ authority grows and vice – versa. It is a synergistic process facilitated through love and trust. As my gift to my husband is my submission, his gift to me is his authority.

After my spanking, I feel very grounded. Before the implementation of Loving Domestic Discipline or when ‘R’ works away, I sometimes harbour resentments and create silly fantasies. Such fantasies include, running away from the family; of not being able to cope as a mother; of being unable to accept ‘R’s’ affair. Spanking dispels these myths as illusory and warped views on the world and firmly jolts me back to reality. Spanking brings me back to the right frame of mind, where I can think sensibly. This ‘grounding’ makes me strong emotionally – it makes me think clearly, in order to make rational decisions.

I feel very protected before, during and after my spanking. I completely surrender myself over to my husband in trust. I do not use a ‘safe word,’ since this would not be proper discipline, but play acting in some role-play scenario. My husband corrects my misbehaviour as he sees fit. Sometimes this means that he welts, bruises and marks my bottom – but, these marks are never permanent and I consider them as the marks of love! I am protected, since I know that what ever implement he uses, or how ever hard he is forced to spank me - my discipline is administered by the man who knows and loves me best in the whole world!

Our Loving Domestic Discipline lifestyle makes us both so deeply in love with each other. After 20 years of marriage, where most couples may have divorced after experiencing our problems – we have battled through and grown so close as a result! The deep love ‘R’ and I share spirals outwards to all who come in contact with us.
Spanking makes me a more balanced, calmer, happier and deeply feminine woman!

R, I do love you so!!!

C xxx


At 9.3.06, Blogger Storm Rider said...

All I can say is that you pretty much summed up the same feeling that Wind and I have for this lifestyle!
Its been better than it ever has!
Great Post sweety!

At 9.3.06, Blogger SmartNnaughty said...


That was such a loving tribute to R. Thank you for sharing it. There is something so right about being a spanked wife. There is nothing like it.


At 9.3.06, Blogger Miranda said...

Smiles, very nice post. Every marriage has ups and downs, Your marriage sounds strong and healthy. You're an inspiration.

At 9.3.06, Blogger Head of House said...

Great! I hope you didn't mind if I copied the post and sent it to my wife. We been married 20 plus years and thought he might like to read a your post from a submissive in a LDD relationship.

At 10.3.06, Blogger padme said...

That was a beautiful blog post, C...You can feel the love between you and R...

At 10.3.06, Blogger rivka said...

I loved this post... thank you so much for sharing!

At 10.3.06, Blogger C's Correction said...

Wow, it’s so nice to wake up early and find so many complimentary comments about my post. Thank you! :)

Dear Storm,

Yes, it is certainly a wonderful lifestyle!

I almost feel sorry for the misguided vanilla folk... since they don't know what they are missing out on!

Thanks for stopping by!


Dear SnN,

You are right about there being something so right and natural about being a spanked wife!

It is strange, however, how people who don't live this wonderful lifestyle, are the first to criticise and look down their noses. The strange thing is that they don't actually have the slightest clue, of what it is that they're criticising!


Dear Miranda,

Thank you for your compliments and for visiting my blog.

Yes, there is something quite magical about LDD. I think at the root it is all to do with the strong transfer of masculine and feminine energies... What makes a man truly masculine, authoritative and dominant. As opposed to the woman being feminine, compliant and submissive. Once this magic is tapped into, realised and allowed to take its natural course, then the turmoil’s which everyone experiences at some stage in their life doesn't seem so insurmountable. :)

Thanks for stopping by. I'm always very appreciative of comments.


Dear Head of House,

It's really nice to hear from you again. :)

Of course I don't mind you sending a copy of this post to your wife.
The beauty of communicating on each others blogs, is that we can all help each other through life’s difficulties.

I feel very supported from all my new LDD friends. Sometimes when I do feel quite low and I get a nice response, I feel positively affected and linked with other like-minded people - which is truly a great feeling!


Dear Padme,

Thank you for your compliments and for stopping by :)

Yes, after 20 years of marriage and a lot of serious difficulties we only have our LDD lifestyle to be grateful to! Without its implementation we would have probably joined the masses and seeked divorce.


Dear Rivka,

I'm pleased you liked the post.
This lifestyle has allowed R and I to grow ever closer. Just when we think it's not possible to become any closer physically, mentally and spiritually we are surprised how much deeper we have knitted together - all because of this wonderful lifestyle!


At 10.3.06, Blogger SpankedMinx said...

Hi C,

Thank you so much for the compliment on the story. Loving your blog too x x x x


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