Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Family News (June 06)

Dear readers,

It’s a long time since I posted family news, so I thought I should do one now before June 06 disappears out of existence…

R’s News:

R recently had a nasty accident whilst gardening. He was using a sickle to prune back the wild geraniums (which grow rampantly in our garden) and hit a stone. The sickle bounced off and went through R’s left index finger. Unfortunately, he partially cut through his tendon and had to have an operation to have the tendon stitched up. He had to be very careful and was not allowed to use his hand for some time. Using his finger may have severed the tendon completely, which would have resulted in loss of feeling and effective use of that finger.

R is, however, right handed, so I wasn’t let off the hook at all when it came to his corrective procedures! I had to be very mindful whilst being spanked, to stay absolutely still and not bring my hand around to hold his. Sometimes during punishment, when the pain gets too much I will hold R’s hand as a reassurance of his love and commitment, in trying to correct my misbehaviour.

C’s News:

I’m really sorry, but I have to fly back to Eastern Europe. I will be away from Monday June 26th – Thursday July 13th. I'll be away from the computer for the whole of this time and won't be able to respond to any emails. If anyone wants any information regarding the workshop or the Loving Domestic Discipline get together, then please email SnN at

Before I go, I will finish the essay I started on femininity months back. I tried to pick it up after my last trip away, but I completely lost the thread… I find that if I don’t finish writing something there and then, the moment becomes lost – all my initial ideas dissolve and remain forgotten about. I do promise, however, that I’ll post it at the end of this week, no matter how badly it hangs!

I would like to say how grateful I am, for all your help on the recent troubles I’ve been having surrounding my submission. Before I started blogging, I had no idea about submission at all. I had no concept of what it really meant, nor that submission had always been such an integral part to my life. I would like to thank you for helping me discover such a fundamental part to my psyche. A part I often felt stirring deeply inside me, but never fully realised what it was, nor that it even had a name!

Writing on this site and reading other people’s blogs around the area of Loving Domestic Discipline has really helped me grow in confidence. It is truly wonderful that my journey of discovery has brought an inner comfort and reassurance that I’m not alone with my feelings, but one amongst many…

This realisation has made me so much more aware of who I am and has helped me discover the most hidden and forgotten places of my femininity.



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