Friday, June 09, 2006

Response to the LDD Social Gathering...

We’ve had a good response to the Loving Domestic Discipline get together so far. Thank you to all those to have contacted either SNN or myself and please keep those emails coming in. We are really sorry, but if there are too many enquirers by November we may have to limit the numbers to a “first come first served” basis. :-(

I would like to politely remind people, that it was neither SNN's nor my intention to set up an LDD dating service. The purpose of the get together, is to learn from each other and forge long lasting contacts with like minded people. We are not discouraging single people, who may not presently be in an LDD relationship. On the contrary, we welcome all singles and couples alike. If you do happen to find the partner of your dreams, then it is an added bonus – in other words we hope the ethos of our get together, will be considered as a “way to a means” of making new contacts and not a “means to an end” of finding a partner. Please also consider the possibility that many people may come on their own, but it doesn’t automatically mean they are looking for a relationship. I intend to come on my own, since R will have used up all his vacation time in September (whilst we're both in Africa) - but I certainly hope not to be labelled as part of the single scene.

We also need to remember to be tolerant of other people’s practices. Perhaps, one way of looking at Loving Domestic Discipline, is to liken it to the analogy of building a house. The bricks form the solid core and foundation. The cement in between each brick is the binding of love and commitment - but the actual buildings (peoples' practices) will all vary considerably in design... The beauty of LDD is that it isn’t linear, but multi-dimensional lending itself to be built upon and enhanced in many different styles…

SNN and I will keep on updating the announcement every month, until the day when we all finally meet for the first time.

Remember: Everyone is most welcome! Whether you are single or part of a couple.

This is SO exciting!!:-)



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