Sunday, February 12, 2006

Memory of a School Caning

This is my account of a typical British boarding school experience. This account does not display any of the characteristics within the Loving Domestic Discipline lifestyle. I am mainly recalling these events, to accentuate the marked differences between school disciplines, which were 'loveless' and implemented in a 'clinical' setting. As opposed to LDD punishments, which are 'loving' and implemented in a 'domestic' setting.

There is something very English about the cane. Traditionally, used in the most elite schools, where the school masters would prowl the dismal corridors, dressed in black gowns and mortise board caps, swinging their canes as they hunted for unsuspecting victims. The fear of a caning is very much part of the psychological ritual associated with its application. The fear and anticipation of getting ‘6 of the best’ would mentally torment the miscreant for hours, if not days before the physical aspect of the punishment began.

In the master's study there would be a lengthy lecture where the master would flex the rod and test the air. That thwacking sound as the cane cut through air particles, would tie your stomach in knots. Ever wish the ground could just swallow you up??? The school master’s voice would interrupt any feelings of nausea. “Jennings, over my desk NOW, don’t loiter girl!” “Yeeees Sir” At school you were always referred to by your surname or worse still your school number. All identity and individuality in a regimented school is lost. You gingerly make your way towards his desk, with legs that felt as if they had been turned to lead and timidly bend over. Your cheek rests on some unmarked assignments on his untidy desk. You focus on his pen holder, or some other object cluttering his space, as he begins to slowly expose you, thus, accentuating your torment. He lifts up your tunic and pushes back your school blouse and then slowly peels down your regulation school knickers. If you are not wearing your regulation school knickers, then you may as well be good as dead! You hate him at this point; you hate him like you hate no other. Bloody perverted b******! You then focus your mind onto that ‘zoning out’ spot on his desk and recite this mantra: “I will not cry,” “I will not flinch” “I will not act as if I’m bothered at all!” The first thwack pierces your skin with such force you feel your eyes start to smart. You blink back the tears, angry for being weak and letting the side down. No one should cry during punishment – it’s what the b****** wants!

After 4 of these you feel you simply cannot take anymore! After each lash onto your bare bottom, he rests the cane against your skin, so that you are made to be only too aware of its presence. Once he has finished administering CP, you are required to stay in position, he continues with his lecture, whilst examining his handy work. After this he slowly pulls up your knickers and adjusts your blouse, then finally pulls your tunic back down. You were never allowed to do this yourself – all part of prolonging the humiliation and extending the punishment.

After a very harsh caning, you will generally find the wearing of your school regulation knickers unbearable. They would stick to the partially weeping wounds; the elastic around the legs would cut into the welts, making walking and sitting unbearable. If you went to see matron, she would swab your welts with salty water. This would only add to the embarrassment (not to mention discomfort) and not help much at all!

The best part of getting caned was the comradeship afterwards where you would gallantly display your war wounds for all to see. “Oh, C! Did that b****** do that to you?!” In the dormitory, you would have all the girls crowding and cooing around your bed, giving you gifts of chocolates, magazines, perfume and soaps. "Never mind C, we will pay him back, we’ll tip a couple of rubbish bins onto his desk. Or go into the school gardens and gather as many slugs and snails as we can find and release those into his study. He will pay!"

They never did do anything of the kind, but their thoughts were noble, as were their intentions!



At 13.2.06, Blogger padme said...

Thanks for describing the school caning. I have always been curious. I was in England when I was 13 and one of my cousins also described it. Great blog post, C...

At 14.2.06, Blogger C's Correction said...

Thank you, Padme for stopping by and thank you for your compliments about my post :)

I've only just learned how to post pictures - so my blog should start to look a little more colorful.
I hope I don't forget how to do it, it seems like a rather complicated process. Well, to a numbskull like me it does. IT has never been my forte! Lol!


At 16.2.06, Blogger Storm Rider said...

RNC, I know Im twisted, but sweety your ass looks delightful when it has so much rouge to it!
Wind hates the cane, but some things are nessasary!

At 17.2.06, Blogger C's Correction said...

Hello Storm,

Thanks for stopping by :)

Yes, sometimes the cane is necessary... I'm glad it's only sometimes...


At 2.3.06, Blogger Malcolm said...

My experience of a school caning, back in the 1940s, was not so dreadful. The cane was seldom used and receiving it resulted in a kind of welcome notoriety! As older students at Millfield School, we even got to wield the dreaded implement. That probably doesn't happen any more now as schools have gone soft.

At 5.3.06, Blogger C's Correction said...

Hi Malcolm,

Sorry it’s taken so long to get back to you, but I wasn't allowed to use the computer for a week.

I'm glad your recollections of a school caning in the 1940's wasn't so dreadful. I think it all depended on what school you went to. Two of my family members (both male) were severely caned at school during the war. One relative received such a severe caning at his prep school 'Carlekemp' that his parent's took action against the school. Another relative of mine went to Repton where it was equally bad. Ampleforth faired a little better than Repton.

As far as my own experiences go, I believe that Catholic Schools were probably more severe in dishing out CP, (I think, since 1985 this has all been changed?) The cane was seldom used on girls (but frequently on boys). At school I can only remember 2 occasions when I received the cane and neither time was particularly pleasant! The tawse was most often used in my Scottish school and belt at my English prep school. I cannot give the names of my schools because of anonymity.

Nice to hear from you :)


At 28.7.07, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I went to a very consertative Southern Baptist Prep school. I can remember having to lean over a spanking bench in front of all of my class exposing all of my Genatalia from front to back, and taking a harsh Caning or Paddling. I could never control my bladder, because of nerves and when I finally did submit i would lose all bladder control. The seniors used to visit our rooms, if we violated they're code of conduct make our roomate spank us with the wooden spoon. To this day I shake when my HOH canes me

At 28.7.07, Blogger C's Correction said...

Southern Baptist? Sounds like you're from the USA? I never knew they used the cane in the US? I always thought it was very much a British tradition?


At 2.5.09, Blogger the ancient mariner said...

Know exactly what you mean by the humiliation, in my English school in Rio de Janeiro, in the early 40's it was almost a ritual. The errant pupil was paraded before the morning assembly when sentence was read out Six of the best was usual but if the boy had been found guilty of a really serious offence then the sentence would be carried out in stages. I once saw one thief get 24 strokes, 6 every Friday night for 4 weeks
Each miscreant had to be medically examined by the matron prior to being caned, Usually several boys were paraded stark naked before the all-female medical staff and every part of the body was examined in minute detail. This was allegedly to ensure that the boy to be beaten was fit enough to undergo the ordeal but it was in fact designed to be part of the humiliation process. I never knew a boy to be excused punishment on medical grounds. Having been past fit the punishment was carried out after evening prayers before the entire school each Friday night when the boys to be caned were marched in wearing only a night shirt. This was removed before the beating which was carried out across the naked buttocks, while bent over a punishment horse that was permanently on the side of the stage as a salutary reminder of things to come

At 22.11.09, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was slippered at school actually a size12 plimsoll with a rubbr sole . It hurt more than the cane as we were made to change into PE shorts before it was administered. Even a single whack left a raised welt on your bottom and 3 or 4 would result in a bottom that was deep purple and would be bruised for up to two weeks There was very little misbehaviour in PE lessons.

At 24.11.09, Blogger C's Correction said...

I was lucky to escape the dreaded plimsoll. Our Male P.E Teacher only used to beat the boys and never the girls. I remember wishing and wondering what it would be like to be beaten by him. He was SO good looking! ;-)


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