Monday, April 17, 2006

C got her worst spanking yet :(

This weekend has marked a turning point in our Loving Domestic Discipline relationship. Over the previous fortnight, while I was away, we have been keeping in regular contact by email about chores. Unfortunately, despite many attempts and lots of phone calls, C did not follow my instructions, this I found very disrespectful. Her punishment was to learn by heart one of the emails that she did not pay attention to. I told her that I would spank her for each mistake she made. Her recital was to be on Good Friday, the first day we would be back together, which gave her about four days to rehearse. Despite being given extra hours to prepare, C's performance was dreadful! Once again, she had ignored my instructions and it was clear that she had done no serious preparation. Something had to be done! Naturally, C was tearful and remorseful about letting me down consistently like this. I gave the matter some serious thought. I told C that she should have a severe spanking (to strong tears) and then be caned with a switch from the garden. I think that a switch cut from the forsythia is more severe than the cane because it's thinner and whippier. The reason for such a severe spanking was that we both acknowledged that her behaviour was not what it should have been for quite a while. This spanking would wipe out all the misdemeanours in the past, whether she had told me about them or not and regardless of whether she had already been punished for them. This was a real opportunity to forgive all past misbehaviours. I admit that I have been putting pressure on C to do lots of chores, so we agreed that we would begin anew with an easier regime, with not so much emphasis on chores, so that the impending result would send C a clear message of my approval rather than disapproval.

~Artist: Paula Russell~

Well, C took the most severe spanking yet with truly remarkable courage. I was very proud of her. She prepared well, which included reading from LovingDD's book and ten minutes of silent prayer in each other's arms. When I turned her over my knee and started spanking her (while C was naked, of course), I knew that something special was happening. During her spanking, she did not flinch once, even when I was putting all of my effort into it. But, I also knew that she was not zoning out, which is something that C sometimes does when she is resentful of being spanked. She was responsive to each spank but was very controlled and determined indeed. After about twenty minutes, when she was starting to cry properly (C will often whimper quite early during a spanking but it is difficult to bring her to tears), her hand rose up. Instead of covering her bottom, she found my left hand and held it hard. We spent the rest of the discipline holding hands! It was a very sweet moment that I am proud to describe because my C behaved so bravely. This hard spanking took about forty minutes and C was sobbing openly towards the end. I am not certain that I could have carried on much longer, such was the force and rapidity. C did corner time, naked by the fire until her bottom cooled down from a flaming red to a rosy pink. I then told her to drape herself over the arm of the settee for her switching. I gave her six of the very best. I am not too expert at caning/switching, since I reserve this only for the most severe punishment (which thankfully is very rare) so on one occasion I struck quite low and another, I hit a previous welt. Despite this, C was so well behaved that she did not flinch much at all and did not cry out. I could hear her sharp intakes of breath as she fought to keep control. The side of C's right hip and thigh were the mostly welted because of the whippy nature of the way the switch wrapped itself around. Next time, I will have to stand even more at an angle and try harder to aim for the left buttock.

I would like to describe the new regime I mentioned that emphasises success rather than failure. We now have our own private wiki (What's a wiki?) that we are using to track; chores, misbehaviours, punishments, C's journal and some other bits and pieces. We chose a wiki over email or a private blog because it is easier to share things while we are apart, whilst retaining a record of all changes made. One quite interesting technique we have discovered is to have a table of warnings. These are simply things that C should not do or else she will get whatever the prescribed punishment is. This is so much more precise. I can say in the wiki that C should not do xxx or else the punishment will be yyy. If C does do it at any stage in the future, then it is quite plainly recorded what the consequences will be, thus, sending a very clear message to C. Every table has a space for both C's comments and my comments and C has her journal page where she can express her feelings or respectfully raise issues. It is private so that we can be confident that we can speak openly about our domestic affairs and will be quite boring to the reader anyhow. I would be happy to discuss off line the practicalities if anyone thinks it might be appropriate for their LDD relationship. So far, it is going really well. I have chosen emoticons as a quick reference of recording C's behaviour (“smiley” for her good behaviour and “frowney” for her misbehaviour) whilst she also has a relatively straight forward structure of recording to follow. The chores that I have asked C to do have been very easy so far. It is nice to have some time where there is little pressure to get things done so I can dish out the praise and smileys liberally. C knows, however, that she will have to meet increasing demands as she builds up to becoming a more dutiful and respectful wife. C is already doing voluntary chores that she will get well deserved praise for.

I am so proud of my very good girl for the way she took her punishment and is working on improving her behaviour.



At 18.4.06, Anonymous Phil said...

good on you R!! it is no good allowing the woman to be unrespectfull! the man must stand as boss!

At 19.4.06, Blogger C's Correction said...

Hi Darling,

Sorry I haven't responded earlier, but as you know I've been very busy with our son being home...

Thank you for your post and for re-addressing the balance. I must confess, at first I found your post really rather humiliating (regarding my lack of obedience) but I do understand and thank you for the necessity of such a posting! I have sincerely learnt my lesson and I’ve been thinking a lot about how my obedience/submission to you will grow in the future...

I’m pleased I managed to remain obedient throughout my punishment.

I'm so pleased you don't allow for my misbehaviours, but hold me accountable for my actions.

I am a very lucky woman indeed!! ;)

C xxx

P.S. The wiki is great and a lot of fun!! Thank you!!

At 28.7.07, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have a very hard time holding position during a switching, would you have any suggestions

At 28.7.07, Blogger C's Correction said...

Just to stay with it and keep on practising your submission...

Mentally preparing yourself before hand can help enormously. I have written an essay on "Preparing for Punishment" which discusses this issue in some depth. Hope that helps :-)


At 29.8.07, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How does one set up a private wiki page?

At 31.8.07, Blogger C's Correction said...

Hi there,

Sorry I do not know.
I need to ask R, who is presently away. I will see him in a fortnight and you will have your question answered then.


At 14.9.07, Blogger C said...

Hi anon,

There are a lot of different factors involved in setting up a wikki. It would be better if you could email me so that we can discuss the details.

At 19.3.09, Anonymous Nicole-a kid from NYC who obviously is smarter than you said...

Are you serious?C should stand her ground and not let a man spank her.R should be ashamed of himself for hurting another human being.We came a long way from slavery, and it shouldn't come back.C gets spanked for not completing chores?!?!Thats slavery all over again! it is stripping a human of their rights and publicizing it doesn't make sense!And if you ask why I'm reading this in the first place, the answer is that I'm doing a report on discipline vs. abuse.I'm 14 I know that this is wrong so why don't you?!?

At 19.3.09, Blogger C's Correction said...

Hello Nicole,

That sounds like a very interesting project you are doing.:-) I wish I had done interesting topics like this when I was at school.

It is an interesting point you raise, thank you for bringing it up. There is always much debate about the discipline/slavery concept, so it is good that you have discovered this point for yourself. However.... the significant difference, dear Nicole, is that Domestic Discipline is CONSENSUAL and slavery is not. Domestic Discipline is therefore, non abusive (since both consenting adults of lucid and sane minds want that kind of lifestyle)Whereas, slavery (in its many guises - sweatshop labor etc...) is most certainly abusive.

I hope this helps. Good luck with the project :-)


At 2.7.09, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow- I seriously stumped upon this whole "domestic discipline" thing by starting to google "my husband..." (I was actually looking up "my husband is wearing a brown suit, what color dress should I wear to match" and I saw "my husband spanks me". I am a follower of Christ and in HEALTHY, supportive marriage. This is no way about being a christian. I cannot believe in my heart of hearts that a grown woman thinks it is okay for her husband to spank her. This is sick and the fact that you consent to it seriously makes me sad for you.

At 3.7.09, Blogger C's Correction said...

Well, that wasn't a very Chistian comment was it....?

FYI, I have beeen married 24 years to the same man and have known him since childhood. Thank you for your concern but my marriage is VERY healthy, loving, intimate and actually more exciting than most!

If you don't understand something learn first before casting judgment. Or if you are too inhibited to learn may I suggest that you say nothing at all and let other people live their own lives? It obviously works for me and for so many others - why condemn us?

Who are you to tell me I am not a good Christian!? What do you know?
Actually for your information there is a whole wedsite dedicated to CDD (Christian Domestic Discipline)

I suggest that you learn to be wise in your thoughts and language. Take time before writing a comment. It is OK not to understand something, but down right rude (and stupid) to criticise without showing even a smattering of understanding!



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