Monday, April 10, 2006

C's Spring Report

My darling C,

I posted your last report,
An update from R in November 2005 so it would seem right to take stock again.

Since then you have:

  • Continued to offer your submission with increasing sophistication and respect
  • Developed our LDD relationship to another level
  • Developed a confident and sensitive blogging style
  • Coped well with your most serious problem
  • Coped quite well with Z's problems - You weren't fully in control at the beginning but you have grown to accept the situation

Unfortunately you have also:

  • Withdrawn consent for LDD on two occasions - both times tearfully retracted
  • Broken most of the items in your contract ( My Loving Domestic Discipline Contract) at least once and in the case of point 7, almost every time!!
  • Caused serious problems over the DIY and my decision to delay to our trip to Africa

Well, as you know darling, I deal with contracts quite a lot at work and they are rarely implemented according to the letter. Likewise, it is only really when the relationship is broken that the contract needs to be enforced, so I do not feel the need to enforce it right now. Having said that, all breaches of contract have a price to pay. In this case, it is the shame of having it posted to this blog and the knowledge that I have noticed your lack of respect. I expect you to try harder to keep your contract in future.

But do not despair, my darling. This is a good report and you are definitely improving. You are usually a good girl and you get clear discipline from me when you are not. Long may that continue.

In response to your last report you said "I want you to be very proud of me R. I would dearly like to get to the stage where you reap the results which you have painstakingly sown." Well you have succeeded! When I read that comment again, I was full of pride and admiration for what you have achieved. There have been times of bad behaviour but your respect for me is returning and your submission and obedience is growing. That is what counts.

To my good little girl, from your loving HOH,

R xxx


At 10.4.06, Blogger C's Correction said...

My darling R,

Thank you for taking the time to write my report. I know how busy you are right now, so appreciate your time very much.

I am so pleased that you have seen genuine progress in my behaviour. I have been trying hard to be more respectful, obedient and honest. I have also been trying hard to surrender myself in submission, to your leadership and authority.

I am deeply remorseful about not surrendering to your decisions about postponing Africa and not coping well with the DIY. I am also terribly ashamed about withdrawing consent and not coping with Z's problems very well. I have learnt my lesson well from these mistakes – thank you! Life is a learning curve and with your help, I'm growing and developing into a happier woman. Thank you for having the strength to maintain my discipline through these very difficult times. The fact that you have, mark you out as an 'exceptionally' strong leader R! I congratulate you on your leadership skills!

I'm sorry you have found fault with me on point 7 of our Loving Domestic Discipline Contract. Without being at all disrespectful, please may I add in my defence that when you march me up to our bedroom for an ‘immediate’ hard spanking and you do spank hard, am I not likely to break point 7 from too much fear and panic? If on the other hand, my punishment has been planned, so that I can mentally prepare myself, having enough preparation time to read chapters from Lovingdd's book particularly, on ‘Appropriate Behaviour’ during discipline, or by praying/reflecting/preparing for my punishment during corner-time, or having time to spray some Bach Flower Remedy into my mouth (a herbal relaxant) do you not find that at those times that I maintain point 7 ?

Just a question darling... my own reflections. Please don't think I'm being disrespectful.

Your good little girl,
C xxooxxooxx

At 10.4.06, Blogger C's Correction said...

My darling C,

A good reply to a good report and thank you for your compliments on leadership.

I take your point about needing time to prepare. You have a punishment due when I arrive home because of a confession you made to me. Since I also promised that it would not be severe, I will be using it as "practice" for appropriate behaviour. We will talk about the details when I come home.



At 11.4.06, Blogger C's Correction said...

My beloved husband,

Nothing will encapsulate me more as your feminine, obedient, submissive and deeply loved wife than to be taught appropriate behaviour from you. I eagerly anticipate your lesson and will follow your instructions ardently.

Your obedient wife,
C xxxx


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