Saturday, October 21, 2006

LDD - Atlanta Get Together Update

This is just a quick announcement for all the people who are coming to our LDD get together. I am just waiting on an email from Melissa with the final details such as the room number and the finalised itinerary. As soon as I have this information I will immediately send all the people who have enquired an email, confirming all the final arrangements…

Just think in exactly three weeks from today we will all be together!! I am certainly very excited!!

For anyone reading this post who hasn’t heard of our arrangements and who would like to come along, here is a brief summary:

WHAT: We are having a Loving Domestic Discipline get together to discuss, share and exchange ideas about our wonderful lifestyle. This will mainly comprise of presentations, seminar type discussions and socialising.

WHY: So that we can forge contacts with other like minded people. So that we can reach out to each other in support and understanding. So that we can learn and grow in awareness and understanding of each others ideas, philosophies and practices. All of this can and should be achieved from an anonymous stance. In fact, I strongly encourage all the people coming to our event to remain anonymous at all times, by using a different name.

WHERE: The get together is held in Atlanta Georgia. Please email me at or Melissa at for the location. Please do not email SnN (the other lady hosting this event) as she is presently away on vacation.

WHEN: The get together is held on Saturday 11/11/06 at 6.00pm.

WHO: The get together is open to all adults - singles and couples alike.

Everyone is most welcome!:-)

Hope to see you all in November!



At 23.10.06, Blogger Shay said...

One thing I reallly like about this is that it's LOVING discipline ^_^

At 23.10.06, Blogger C's Correction said...

Hello Shay,

Yes, effective discipline needs to be loving. Without the "loving" aspect of Loving Domestic Discipline the punitive element would not carry the same emotional benefits to the woman - She would not learn her lesson as well. The pain and shame resulting in such an intensely profound experience is largely attributed to the love and trust she has in her HOH. Without the loving aspect it would just be pain, which would not necessarily access those deeper emotions.



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