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Quiet Implements

Dear readers,

The Summer vacation is soon upon us. Many teachers from the USA will almost be ready for a new school term, but teachers here in the UK are only just starting their 6 weeks off!

The problems with having our delightful offspring at home is that there is often very little privacy in terms of maintaining the Loving Domestic Discipline lifestyle. The sounds of being spanked are often all too apparent and very difficult to conceal. Other non-spanking disciplines may have their benefits, but by and large, there is nothing more effective than a thoroughly spanked bottom.

Implements are generally very noisy. You cannot mistake the sound of a leather belt, strap or wooden paddle as the object comes into contact with the bare bottom. Ineffective discipline can leave the woman on edge and frustrated and more likely to misbehave if her Maintenance is not administered effectively. Even a hand spanking can echo and permeate through walls. Some couples who have young children wait until their children are in bed and sleeping soundly before administering/receiving discipline. Other couples with older college/university aged children struggle as their children can turn up at any hour, when least expected!

Quiet Implements are the only safe way to ensure a proper discipline or Maintenance without alerting the rest of the house hold. It is not easy finding a quiet implement, but it is worth shopping around for. The Loopy Johnny is quiet and stingy, it is also small enough to take away on vacation. As an alternative to the Loopy Johnny, Ikea have a wonderfully quiet wooden spoon in their Kitchen section (pictured above). This wooden spoon, unlike most other wooden spoons hardly emits any sound at all and has a "thuddy" effect on the disciplined woman. Sometimes the combination of using both "thud" and "sting" can ensure a more successful punishment.

So why is this particular spoon quieter than another wooden implement such as a paddle or hairbrush?

Although, it is about the same weight as a small paddle its major difference is in its shape - this particular wooden spoon has a very pronounced curve. When using the back of the spoon the rounded shape actually allows the trapped air to escape more gradually, so it creates less noise. After all, sound is just vibrating air, so a paddle gives the familiar thwacking noise because it vibrates a lot of air all at the same time. When the convex part of the spoon hits the bottom, the lower part of the curve hits the bottom before the edges, unlike the paddle. Spanking with the back of a curved hand has the same quietening effect and that is precisely the same weight as a flat hand! This isn't recommended though because the knuckle feels like a punch, but it does demonstrate the principle.

This principle also applies (I think) to the Loopy Johnny compared to a cane. The cross section of all the threads on a Loopy Johnny is approximately the same as a small cane but it is much quieter. I think this is because the strands of the Loopy all arrive at slightly different times compared to a cane, which arrives in a single stroke. The end result (ignoring the swishing sound through the air) is that the Loopy is quieter.

When choosing or making a quiet implement it is necessary to look for something that is either a defined curved shape, made of a dense material, flexible on impact or a combination of these. The aim is to get the desired force to the bottom without a single impact across a wide surface area. The more dense an object the more foreceful the impact for the same area in contact with the skin. The more convex the object, the more the impact is spread over time. The more flexible the object, the more the object deforms on contact, absorbing some of the sound. It is a general misconception that the more dense an object the more solid or rigid it is. Rubber is an excellent example of a flexible material that is very dense indeed.


At 25.7.07, Blogger Reesa Roberts said...

Great post, C! Very informative - do you have a pic of the "Loopy Johnny?"


At 26.7.07, Blogger C's Correction said...

Hi Reesa!

I have now posted a picture of the Loopy Johnny. Thanks for the tip, I guess I should have remembered to post a picture, since I've been talking about it!

All my best,


At 26.7.07, Blogger Reesa Roberts said...

Cool! What's that thing made of? It looks like it could be homemade fairly easily?


At 26.7.07, Blogger C's Correction said...

It is made of rubber strands which are looped around. I have often wondered where you can buy such rubber strands from? Any ideas?

If you click onto the image it will give you a close up view.


At 27.7.07, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good tips. We know a number of spankos that have found summer time privacy a big problem... including is. One thing we've found, and this is just for fun spanking play... is that a fly-swatter works pretty well. Obviously want a new one, lol... and one that doesn't have any connection device between handle and swatter. They make almost no sound at all, no matter how hard or fast used.

~Todd & Suzy

will hae to try the loopy johnny!

At 27.7.07, Blogger C's Correction said...

Hi Todd & Suzy,

Thanks for your tip on the uses of the fly swatter! I'll have to try it out.

All my best to you both,


At 28.7.07, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My HOH usus a flyswatter on my bottom, It has a very sharp sting. My HOH used it on me while at his brothers house, and nobody heard it.

At 28.7.07, Blogger C's Correction said...

Thank you anon. I will have to respectfully ask my HOH to purchase one.

We did buy a fly swatter some time back and found that although it is silent, it is too light weight to be effective as a disciplinary implement. We will have to shop around and see if we can buy a more effective one!


At 4.8.07, Anonymous an engineer said...

Someone asked what to use to make a Loopy John. Try a thin power cord. In the USA it is called "Zip cord." Size 18 is thin; 16 and 14 are thicker. This is oval since there are two wires and each is surrounded by rubber insulation. It can be used as the double but it is more consistant if the Zip cord is split first and then used as single pieces. MAKE SURE THE METAL IS TOTALLY COVERED.

Another possibility is to use a thin metal hanger just the way it is. If the buttocks is hit with just the last few inches of the "C" part, parallel to the buttucks, at exactly the right angle, it behaves like a miniature cane, stings with a deep sting and nasty bite, and then leaves a nifty red mark ten to twenty seconds later. A few degrees off and only the tip of the "C" will mark and the pain will be much less. It will take some experimenting to get the angle and the intensity of the stroke correct. Practice EASILY at first and get lots of feedback from your bottom. Or practice on yourself on your inner thigh. A picture is worth a thousand words. Remember you should be LOVING your spouse or significant other. The hanger is almost silent. The bottom's gasp will certainly be louder than the actual sound of the hit.

At 4.8.07, Blogger Paolo Macca said...

Always informative Miss C.
I don't know of any spanking implement that keeps the noise level low!!

At 5.8.07, Blogger C's Correction said...

Hello an engineer,

Thank you for your very detailed account describing the make and use of two implements. My HOH has never considered a coat hanger used "as is." I presume that the noise level must be very low, as you have explained. Metal coat hangers are also very easy to get hold of and the cost is minimal, so it makes a good option. My HOH will have to try this out on his thigh, as you suggested.

The zip cord, sounds excellent. I have often wondered where people can purchase a similar kind of material to the rubber loops in the Loopy Johnny. I am not sure if that kind of cord is called “zip cord” here in the UK? I will have to ask my HOH.

Thank you again for your input, you have been most helpful!

All the best to you,


At 5.8.07, Blogger C's Correction said...

Hello Paolo,

No, I don't know of many either, but I am picking up lots of tips from the kind readers who are sending in their suggestions.

All the best to you,


At 12.7.09, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A great variation is when you bend the wire hanger so that the two "C" ends come together like the 'bottom' ends of a "W".
Then you can comfortably hold your hanger from its hook, and let the two "C" ends do the needed domestic discipline, on your mate's (or your own) bottom or thigh.
Bent like this, it also fits 'readily' in a handbag or briefcase.
Voila, a wire johnny :)

At 20.7.09, Blogger brian said...

One has asked where to get materials to make their own Loopy Johnny, here is a suggestion. Try and find large neopreene O-Rings. These are very similiar and can be attached to a handle.
Have used this and works great, B


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