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Releasing Tears During Discipline

I have already written an essay on “Releasing Those Tears”. This short post isn’t a regurgitation of what I have previously written; instead, I would like to draw attention to one particular (and very common) blockage which hinders many women from crying during their spankings.

In the early stages of my Loving Domestic Discipline lifestyle, I too found crying impossible to achieve during my discipline. I found that I would “talk” or “yell” out in pain. I would say things like, “Ow!” “Please stop!” “It’s too hard!” “I’ve learnt my lesson!” etc… I used to think that such behaviour was acceptable, reasonable and perfectly natural (under the circumstances). I was, after all, being subjected to repeated hard swats on my bare bottom, it was only natural (I thought back then) to shout out in pain, or plead for my spanking to stop.

Surprisingly, the first time I cried during discipline was when I stopped talking or yelling. I was told that my shouting out was very disrespectful and would no longer be tolerated. I was told to write a contract on how to conduct myself during discipline . I was also given enough corner time before my spanking to read through my contract and prepare my heart and mind for my upcoming punishment.

The corner time was a peacful, introspective time. Not only did it make me internalise my wrong attitudes and behaviour, but it also prepared me mentally for good "submissive" behaviour - how I should behave during my spanking. I also couldn’t just zone out during my discipline (another of my strategies). Rather, with a period of introspection, I had fully accepted the onus of my wrongdoing and was very remorseful and calmly accepting of my punishment.

When I was being spanked, I made a remarkable discovery. In my silence I became more focused on my misbehaviour and punishment and not so focused on my rebellion. My state of mind was more relaxed and readily accepting of my punishment. So much so, that the tears started to flow. My actual "shouting out" was not only disrespectful to my HOH, but it was also detrimental to myself. It was in fact a block which stopped myself from getting that release through tears. I discovered that whenever I came “close to tears” I would shout out as a way of preventing that flow. I didn’t realise this at the time, it was very much a sub-conscious act. Some women don’t verbally yell out, but clench their buttocks, kick or twist. These demonstrations of rebellion during discipline are of the same calibre and should also be discouraged. A Disobedience Discipline (additional punishment) will more than likely put an end to this type of rebellion.

Some women may argue, that they yell out during their spankings whilst they are already crying. They may argue that yelling isn't a block preventing them from crying, since it doesn't stop the onset of tears. But the tears they are shedding are not the real tears of remorse and contrition, they are selfish tears based on a hurt pride. Selfish tears will not change the woman’s attitude or behaviour. Selfish tears will only harbour resentment. They will not cleanse the woman so that she has a complete change of mind and heart. Selfish tears will not help her learn her lesson; they will not effectively take her from a negative situation into a positive one. Women who cry whilst yelling or clenching are also blocking themselves from that deeper, truer and more sorrowful cry.

The first time I cried during discipline, an interesting thing happened. I stayed silent throughout and then at the moment I felt the tears coming, I repeatedly and remorsefully said, “Thank you” to my HOH. By repeating these words I broke into catharsis straight away. This verbal emotive sign of my gratitude was understood by my HOH as a way of “releasing” an internal block which could result in tears. Whilst yelling and speaking during punishment are generally regarded as something that would block the woman's tears, on rare occasions submissively making a heart felt verbal thank you, or apology during a spanking, can act in reverse by releasing the woman's tears.

Whilst I was initially convinced that women who were unable to cry during their spanking was the result of some internal blockage. I now believe in both internal and external blockages. External blockages, by yelling or using the body to fight against tears are much more common than the mental internal blockages, such as zoning out. Women who frequently zone out may find that they were victims of abuse, and that this zoning out strategy was something they developed as young children, as a coping mechanism.

Whilst I originally believed that the release of tears could only emerge by psychologically analysing the reasons behind that internal blockage. I am now convinced that although reasons for withholding tears are indeed internal (psychologically based). Blockages for releasing that emotion are more commonly external (physically yelling out) rather than internal (mentally zoning out).



At 14.4.07, Blogger Reesa Roberts said...


I've just recently found your blog, and you have some really awesome posts here!

I absolutely hate to cry during a spanking myself, but you're right, it does have one benefit.


At 15.4.07, Blogger C's Correction said...

Hi Reesa,

Welcome to C's Correction!

I have been reading your blog for some time and find your posts inspirational! Thank you!

All my very best,

At 27.6.07, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmmm...I have been reading your blog for quite some time and I am very impressed with your insight. I have noticed that recently I haven't been crying during my punishments and actually I've been feeling quite rebellious in my heart. I absolutely yell out, squirm, tighten my butt, etc and I don't feel contrite upon the completion of the spanking. I do feel a bit more at peace but not totally cleansed from it. I will try to do what you have pointed out here and submit mind and body to my next discipline and then I'll report back and let you know how it went!!! I'll also give my HOH this blog post to read to see what He thinks.

Thank you for your insights!


At 28.6.07, Blogger C's Correction said...

Hi Emilie,

If you say that recently you have noticed changes in your inability to release tears and have felt quite rebellious at heart, then perhaps you could look into what may be causing these changes?

Perhaps you may have other things on your mind which are preventing you from centring down to your discipline? Or perhaps the changes are more psychological or physiological?

Although my post offers an overall tried & tested method in the release of tears, it is important to remember that women have extremely complex psyches and emotions. These complexities can certainly affect the disciplinary proceedings, depending on the time of month and menstrual cycle.

Taking certain medications can also leave women feeling rather spaced out and not really part of their discipline. Unusual stresses such as moving house, or a new job or baby can also overwhelm some women.

If you can try to analyse what may be triggering your change in attitude you will go a long way to understanding the blockage and finding a solution.

Yes, please do let me know how you get on. :-)

Good luck!!

All my best,

At 1.7.07, Anonymous Anonymous said...

when my HOH starts to disicipline me, he makes me strip naked he gives me a bath, and makes me submit by wearing the crotchless Heirloom bloomers I submit to corner time and Ginger figging. he allows me to squirm for that because it quite painful in the bottom.but i cant talk or moan. when bottom is warmed up. I present my full bottom and breathe out hard after each blow. I find I start to sob very quickly using that technique. He knows i have submitted completely when im sobbing and hiccuping. then the kisses my boo boos hugs me and tells me what a good girl I am for taking my punishment so well. I LOve my HOH so much.

At 1.7.07, Blogger C's Correction said...

Hi anonymous,

You sound very obedient and submissive during your discipline.
Where did you manage to purchase your crotchless heirloom bloomers? Isn't that something that women used to wear in the Victorian times?

All the best,

At 28.7.07, Anonymous Anonymous said...

the diaper posiition is the position that makes me sob to the point where im sobbing till i cant catch my breath,because it's such a humilating position when youe completely naked. ash your HOH if it would be ok to try that position. a johnny loop works good, the sting makes u break down.

At 28.7.07, Blogger C's Correction said...

Yes, I have been punished this way a few times and I agree that it is more humiliating since you are exposing your private parts to your HOH's gaze!



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