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Writer's Review #1: Advanced Loving Domestic Discipline (ALDD)

Dear readers,

There are so many truly talented writers amongst us. I would, therefore, like to start a monthly book/article review, where the merits of Domestic Discipline are discussed. If there are any readers who would like to recommend a book or article, then please email me. I would like to include both fiction and non-fiction.

I would like to start this review by introducing Mr Lovingdd’s latest book called ALDD.

ALDD is a non-fiction book which stands for: "Advanced Loving Domestic Discipline." As the title suggests it expands on the standard Loving Domestic Discipline practices and delves into the higher and more advanced echelons of the LDD lifestyle. The author of the Advanced LDD book takes the reader on a journey, where he opens the readers mind to the possibilities of new experiences, techniques and practises. Such advanced techniques enable a much greater intimacy between the couple. As the couple proceed with these new practices, they will almost immediately discover a much greater unity growing between them. This unity is a result of the many advanced techniques, which open up barriers which were originally barring the way to greater love and intimacy within the couple. The benefits of the ALDD techniques result in a greater feminine obedience, where the woman will be taken to the very depths of her womanhood and experience the very source of her submission.

The ALDD book examines the sexual aspect to Loving Domestic Discipline. It is not BDSM, since there is nothing in it at all which depicts bondage of any kind. It does not advocate any clubs where you go and play, exhibiting your various fetishes. ALDD is nothing at all to do with fetishes, sado-masochism or the ilk. It is a mature expression based on the masculine and feminine sexual energies, which is very much derived from Loving Domestic Discipline. The author of ALDD has cleverly discovered the missing link between LDD and BDSM. Mr Lovingdd has discovered something that meets in the middle of the two. Such a discovery is very new and innovative. This is the very first book written on such a subject. Nowhere will anyone find sexual techniques which are derived solely from the Loving Domestic Discipline way of life.

The author of the ALDD book, challenges people to look beyond their standard LDD relationship. The application of the various advanced techniques, brings almost immediate results in terms of a much deeper submission and obedience, which spring from the core of sexuality. Sometimes the standard LDD techniques are simply too weak for some women. Some women, particularly those who are strong willed and independent find immediate improvement in their behaviours and attitudes once the correct advanced technique is met. The question on the lips of those who read this book is “How much further dare we venture…(as a couple)?” Or, “How much more submissive dare I become…(as a woman)?”

There are many chapters in the book. Not all the chapters will be suitable straight away. As the woman progresses with her obedience and submission, new avenues will open. Many couples may start by exploring one or two of the techniques set out in the chapters. Once adhered to, more chapters highlighting newer disciplinary techniques and procedures can then be explored.

As Mr Lovingdd points out, the ALDD book is not for everybody. There are people who are frightened at the prospect of experiencing such a profound and emotional depth of love and intimacy, as offered in this book. There are women who are frightened at discovering the very core of their submission. There are women who are terrified of surrendering themselves to that extent. The very foundation of feminine submission is sexual. The ALDD book examines various disciplinary techniques from a sexual perspective. Such detailed implementation of these techniques brings the woman back to the very source of her submission - as the sexual female counterpart to her man. As she experiences this to a deep level, the realisation may at first overwhelm the woman. She may initially feel overwhelmed before the natural, time- honoured, innate patterns of sexual desires set in. Here she will eventually find herself awakened and find herself instinctually exploring more intimate realms of sexuality. She will find intimacy on a much deeper level, deeper than she ever thought was humanly possible.

Ownership of the ALDD book gives immediate membership to the ALDD forum. By sending a private email to Mr Lovingdd requesting to join, ensures such membership. Such a forum is of immense benefit to many couples, who can openly discuss any aspect of the ALDD lifestyle. This group which is steadily accumulating in numbers, has been a remarkable support to many people including myself.

Some people wonder whether it is possible to skip the Loving Domestic Discipline book and go straight onto the Advanced Loving Domestic Discipline book? I believe that to truly understand the message in Advanced LDD it is necessary to have a firm grip of the basic LDD principles. By missing the true philosophy behind LDD, by not being truly familiar with it in a deeper sense, people will always view ALDD as something akin to BDSM. The same applies to the understanding of LDD, by not understanding the principles set out in ALDD some people may view LDD in a very linear way, as something covertly sexual. I believe that LDD can only fully be appreciated if its sexual component ALDD is understood too. Both LDD and ALDD work in unison, they are like the yin and yang; like two halves of the same coin. One can only truly be appreciated in a deeper way, if the other is understood too. Once the true principles are understood, then LDD is opened up and understood in a completely new and innovative way. For example, there are currently articles on the LDD site which can only really be understood by having a sound knowledge of ALDD. “The Inner Slut” is one such article. Without a deep appreciation of the principles set out in the ALDD book, people reading this article may feel immediate offence or distaste. However, only when they have read ALDD can they fully understand and appreciate the principles of “Inner Slut” and place it into proper perspective. The inner slut, far from being derogatory, is the very source of the woman’s sexual expression. It is on discovering her slut instincts, via complete feminine surrender to her man, can the woman hold herself in complete sexual servitude to him – i.e., the woman can extend her sexual awareness and fully tap into her femininity and submission at any time of day or night, by allowing the connection of her slut instincts to permeate through.

This is a very intuitive and thought provoking book, rich with challenging and novel ideas. Mr Lovingdd is a highly skilled writer and truly surpasses himself in the writing of this book. A chapter of this book may be reviewed from here by clicking on "preview this book."


At 8.8.07, Blogger Constance said...

First, I want to thank you for linking to my blog. In addition to the LDD site, I find that your blog is the one that most closely reflects my own experience and perspective. I am certainly not immune to the erotic aspects of spanking, and my HOH and I do engage in some purely BDSM activities, by the true purpose of the blog and the center of our relationship, is LDD.
I found your review of the ALDD book very interesting and informative, and I'm particularly interested in the aspects regarding how the techniques described, while in some ways similar to some BDSM activities, are not inherently about that, but rather about finding the source of female submission.
My compliments to you on your site, which is excellent, and thank you again.

At 10.8.07, Blogger C's Correction said...

Hello Constance,

You are very welcome for the link. I enjoy reading your blog: “My Dabble in the Middle End,” where you describe your DD adventures with your HOH Mr.C!

Thank you for your compliments on my blog and thank you also for your very interesting question. I will try and answer your question to the best of my ability, based purely on my beliefs and my understanding of LDD/ALDD. I sincerely hope not to cause offence to you, or anyone practising BDSM.

You ask:

“I'm particularly interested in the aspects regarding how the techniques described, while in some ways similar to some BDSM activities, are not inherently about that, but rather about finding the source of female submission.”

You are right when you say that a few of the ALDD techniques (may) resemble some BDSM activities. But this is only at face value. All the techniques described in the ALDD book are purely for disciplinary purposes and not for sexual gratification. Whilst some BDSM techniques also concentrate on disciplinary purposes, it is very different to ALDD. In BDSM there is much emphasis on the “pleasure/ pain” principle which may also include sensory deprivation to induce the “pleasure/pain” sexual experience. BDSM is very much to do with play, by either giving pleasure, or receiving it. In BDSM, if you are not “into” something, because you don’t find it pleasurable, then you simply don’t do it. ALDD works on an altogether different principle, it works on the same principle as LDD. Although it is always consensual, the couple will choose appropriate techniques that are not at all pleasurable. The woman knows that when a particular technique is used (one that she may genuinely dread) it is used to bring her forward as a woman so that she makes genuine improvements in her attitude and behaviour, thus heightening her submission and femininity.

Submission is an incredibly complex concept and there are many varying grades to submissiveness...

In BDSM activities, the person will feel genuine sexual submission, I am not disputing that. I am certainly not disparaging the BDSM community, since many of my friends practise some forms of BDSM. However, in my opinion, the form of submission experienced from BDSM simply cannot reach the very source of a woman’s femininity and womanhood. It is only through the continuous everyday living in the DD type lifestyle, can the woman progress and grow in her submission. It is also through the loving, correctional (non pleasurable) disciplinary procedures, implemented by her HOH can the woman make genuine steps in her submission. It is only by monitoring the woman’s improvement, through the use of regular Maintenance Discipline and calculating her ratio, can the progress in her submission, obedience and respect be witnessed. The methods in the ALDD book are more advanced, thus penetrate the woman’s natural submissiveness, obedience and respect quicker and at a much deeper level.

After a woman has been disciplined in LDD/ALDD she will demonstrate her submission not just during discipline, but many days/weeks after discipline too. The discipline she receives from her HOH is continuous, ensuring that she attains newer and deeper levels of her submission. Her submission is worked on continuously where she will become evermore submissive as she surrenders herself over to her HOH. As her behaviour and attitude improve so does her submission. Maintenance Discipline is perhaps one of the most important techniques for enabling a deeper submission. During punishment, a woman is taken out of a very negative situation and placed into a neutral one – thus, she is brought from a non-submissive frame of mind into a submissive one. Whereas, during Maintenance a woman is brought from a neutral position to a highly positive one – thus, connecting her with the very source of her feminine submission. Continual and regular Maintenance will ensure that the woman is kept at the most submissive, where she can experience the source of her womanhood. The advanced techniques in the ALDD book are used very effectively for Maintenance purposes. Such advance techniques can accelerate the rate of a woman’s growth and get her to the very source of her submission.

In some BDSM practises, people will experience their submission through re-enacting their various sexual fetishes. Such role play is usually very real and can benefit the person greatly. The role play itself doesn’t feel like an act, rather it is a more akin to “live theatre” where the experiences felt are very genuine. After such re-enactment the person will feel genuinely relieved and happy. But more often than not, such relief is short lived and the person will need to experience the very same enactment again. This is in order to re-experience their submission and consume themselves in their sexual fantasy.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with this and the submission felt is genuine. But it is not of the same deep calibre as the submission experienced in LDD/ALDD. Even if the person were to live in a 24/7 relationship where the particular fetish would be addressed, it would not aid in her submissiveness. Eventually, the sexual fantasy/fetish would become too overplayed and the person would become bored, thus, a new sexual fantasy would need to be created.

ALDD has nothing to do with fetishes or sexual fantasies at all. The woman who may fantasise about being disciplined, whilst yielding to male authority finds that it is not because it is a fetish, but because she has tapped into the natural source of masculine and feminine energies. It is here where she wants to surrender herself in obedience and respect to her male authority and experience the true glory of her femininity. She wants to feel her mans authority as a back drop to her womanly surrender and submission.

BDSM encapsulates a huge area. I won’t deny that a small part of BDSM like D/s appears (in some parts) to merge with LDD/ALDD – but this is only an appearance, since it is not as concentrated on improving behaviour/attitude which is where the most natural, lasting and
continuous source of female submission is experienced.

Thank you Constance for your question. Sorry my response was so long.

All my very best to you and Mr. C!


At 11.8.07, Blogger Constance said...

Dear C.,
Thank you so much for taking the time and expending the effort to write such a thorough and thoughtful response to my question. I want you to know how very much I appreciate that.

When my HOH and I began our relationship, we confessed a mutual interest in BDSM, but then through my reading and explorations (Mr. Loving DD's site in particular) I began to realize that what I was calling BDSM was in fact a deep need for discipline.

Now, even the so-called BDSM activities in which we engage make little sense to me unless they are intended to reinforce my submission and obedience, or to teach me humility.

As you obviously know, there are many, many people interested in spanking for spanking's sake, but I personally do not derive pleasure from the activity itself, unless it is for real dicipline. In that case, the pleasure comes from the submissive, feminine, obedient state that results from being lovingly disciplined.

I want to take some time to re-read your answer, and to continue considering everything you said, but I did not want to fail to thank you in the meantime.

I would also like to ask your permission to either re-print or link to your article about using "Sir" during discipline, as Mr. C. has read this and found it very interesting. He asked me to read it and consider your opinion on the subject, as he concurs. I have requested that I not be obligated to call him "sir" and he allows this becuase he understands my motivation, but after reading your article I think I need to consider the question more carefully and possibly reconsider.

Thank you again, and best wishes,

At 13.8.07, Blogger C's Correction said...

Dear Constance,

You are very welcome for my comment, thank you for your lovely reply!

You are not alone Constance, many people have come to LDD/ALDD through the BDSM route. I think that for many people on discovering such desires find much literature on BDSM, but little written on DD. Therefore they try to adapt their desires from BDSM principles, but are never very satisfied, nor successful.

Thankfully with the launch of two books (and possibly more in the pipeline) Mr Lovingdd is filling that much needed gap for people like us!

Of course, you are most welcome to link or print any of my posts. If you are looking to research some information on the use of "Sir," then Mr Lovingdd has written an article which goes into this in great detail. The article in titled "Male Authority" and can be found in the files section in the ALDD forum.

All my very best to you both!


At 4.12.09, Blogger mgmtbaldy said...

could you please let me know how I could obtain a copy of ALDD which seems to be a very useful tool in my further development.
I would be very grateful for any info.

At 4.12.09, Blogger C's Correction said...

Hello mgmtbaldy,

If you go to the LDD site there should be a link which allows you to review a chapter of the book before buying. By reading this first chapter and the title headings for the rest of the book, should give you some indication if it will be of any interest to you.

All the best,



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