Saturday, September 29, 2007

Announcement - New blogs

Dear readers,

I would like to draw your attention to three new blogs. The first two AKB My Life and CDB My Life are written by a husband and wife team who are just starting on their journey into Loving Domestic Discipline. It is a wonderful and truthful account about their trials and tribulations into this lifestyle. It is very interesting to read one of their posts followed by the corresponding male/female version - in that sense it is rather unique! The ups and downs they experience are reminiscent of the ups and downs experienced by R and myself 22 years ago when we first embraced DD. AKB is a very independent and feisty woman (just like me) whilst CDB is a very laid back HOH (just like R.) I find that reading their blog is like looking in a mirror into our past. However, with Mr Lovingdd's site and other helpful sites pointing the way to marital harmony, I'm sure it won't take long for this couple to fully accept their roles as a submissive wife and authoritative husband! The love and tenderness that this couple have for each other comes through in their writing. I would very much like to encourage people to leave some advice or positive comment for this couple. Blogging can be a very lonely business. Starting in a LDD relationship can also be pretty isolating. I am sure that all feedback would be very much appreciated by them.

The third blog I would like to draw your attention to is called Marriage Bliss it is written by a HOH about his submissive wife. The following is an extract from his profile:

"For 1000’s of years men and woman have lived in the state of marriage. Timeless truths about how a marriage blossoms into a blissful existence are well proven. Modern couples have been fed ideas that only result in conflict, misery and both being desperately unhappy. I am head of my household, a position that enables me to devote myself to the care of my wife. She is the most perfect being, I worship her daily, I provide for her and I protect her. We have marriage bliss and bliss can be yours for the asking!"

It isn't often we come across a hidden treasure like this! I felt that discovering this blog was truly like discovering a diamond in the rough! The love and immense appreciation this HOH has for his wife's submission is evident in his writing! Posts include "How a submissive wife should present herself," " The seven foundations of being a submissive woman" and "A man's ongoing work in training a woman to be submissive." There are many more posts besides these.... The HOH writing this blog tends to keep the disciplinary aspects in his relationship private. He will refer to women needing discipline if certain expectations are not met, but that is all. His main thrust, is that a submissive woman strives to please her HOH and avoid punishment at all costs. This is truly a remarkable blog and truly worth a visit!

I would like to apologise to those readers who sent in details of how to make various implements. I have been away from home (and the computer recently) but can assure you that the very next post will be on this. I will try to post it as soon as possible.

My best to you all,



At 29.9.07, Anonymous Kate said...

Thank you for your kind comments.
Your wonderful blog has opened up a whole new dimension to my relationship. My HOH feels using age regression to discipline me is one of his most effective punishments.
We have set up a small room in the centre of the house. It is very basic, a hard upright wooden chair and school desk and hanging on the wall is a very whippy junior school cane.
Being sent to the "punishment room" fills me with dread (and excitement). Having to write out 500 lines, sitting on a hard seat with a well striped bare bottom, certainly focuses you on being more obedient in the future.
If you could write more on age regression in the future we would both be most grateful.
Kind regards,

At 30.9.07, Blogger C's Correction said...

Dear Kate,

It is a wonderful idea setting up a "special" room which is only used for punishment purposes! If people have enough space in their home to do this, then I do encourage doing just that! Entering the "punishment room" will immediately evoke memories of previous disciplines. So that she will eventually associate this special room with discipline which will help her focus on her up coming punishment.

One of the problems with being punished in the bedroom is that it is also the place where the couple tenderly make love. It is also full of various items belonging to both couples which could easily distract the woman. Having a separate room which is quite sparse and empty, will no doubt prevent the woman from getting distracted. Some women find that being disciplined in a very masculine room (like the HOHs study)has the same effect!

I don't plan to write any more on regression for a little while. I have two unfinished essays on "The Short Sharp Shock Spanking" and "When the HOH is Wrong" that I hope to finish soon. In November I am leaving the UK to teach in Africa for 3 months, so will have to give up blogging until I get back. I will seriously consider your request and may (time permitting) write some more essays on the subject of regression whilst away.

Thank you once again for your very kind comments!

All my best to you both,


At 30.9.07, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Any form of dominance that requires correction taints a marriage and does not have the purity of complete and continuous submission. In a pure marriage there is no pretend role playing, each partner is totally immersed in the complete purity of our marriage. Dominance and correction are replaced with love, peace and harmony."

Do you agree with statements like this in the "Marriage Bliss" blog you are recomending?? They seem to go against what you do.....

At 30.9.07, Blogger C's Correction said...

Hi Anonymous,

No, of course I don't agree with statements like that...

I was trying to find the place where you got your extract from, but couldn't?
In his most recent writing I found this extract relating to discipline: (Written in Submission an Insight - Positive and Negative Reinforcement)

"For clear goals to be maintained it is essential for a Wife to be corrected when she disobeys. Failure to do so will only reinforce bad behavior and leave the Wife confused."

I did, however, read some of the earlier posts and found one post which was against punishment.

Either this HOH was against punishment at the start of his journey and now isn't (after all we all grow and adapt as our understanding and awareness increases)or he is still against it? It is very ambiguous.

I do agree with him about role play and the avoidance of punishment. Role play is more akin to some of the BDSM practises and doesn't have a place in a LDD relationship. And the avoidance of punishment (which he mentioned somewhere else is spot on.) No one actually likes receiving/administering a punishment spanking. This is why LDD strongly encourages the implementation of firm and regular Maintenance Discipline.

Why don't you ask him what his views on CP are?

I also think that having said all of the above, that his blog is certainly very useful. He has so many great ideas on submission. I believe that there is a lot which can be learned from him. One of my favourite books (which doesn't advocate to discipline at all) and has helped me a lot in my submission is Laura Doyle's "The Surrendered Wife." I believe that we can still learn a great deal from others even if they are only displaying half of what concerns us. It is very difficult indeed to find a perfect match of beliefs and practises(even within our small LDD community.)But this does not discredit others who may not have quite the same picture as we do.

All the best,


At 30.9.07, Anonymous Kate said...

You are absolultely right about the punishment room focusing you on your impending caning. When I am waiting for my HOH with my gym knickers pulled down around my knees and on dressed in a singlet with my nose pressed against the wall, all I can think about is how many strokes am I going to get, how hard are they going to be, will I get lines. I feel so incredibly vunerable and submissive and naked. My HOH insists that my pubic and bum crack hair is waxed on a reqular basis (I go to the same girl so she is used to my bottom marks). When he comes in (he normally leaves me waiting about 20 minutes) dressed in sneakers, levis and a polo shirt and I am told to turn around and he sees how aroused I am (sometimes my juices are running down the inside of my thighs)the humiliation is exquisit.

At 30.9.07, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Not sure where that quote is from, it's in the first 3 pages though. Also found an entry called "punishment" in January, he says....

"Some couples that have a dominant and submissive relationship believe that punishment is an integral part of a successful marriage. I totally disagree with this and believe that any relationship that requires punishment is a hollow one.

If the man is naturally dominant (sometimes called an Alpha Male) he must have the wisdom to interact with his wife using only love. By responding to his love a submissive wife shows to him the respect he needs. She is obedient and submissive solely because she wants to be herself. She craves his love and attention and knows that her submission gains her his love.

Punishment is completely the wrong way to go about things."

To be sure it's interesting to read others opinions. Was just curious if when you reccomended the blog you realized he seemed to critical of the dd lifestyle? He has some interesting things to say about submission, it's just interesting to hear he thinks of punishment so negatively.

ps. Kate- how did your having a punishment room come about? Did you always have it, or did you used to practice dd differently before it?

At 1.10.07, Anonymous Loving sub said...

We were thinking of installing a punishment room, after reading yours and C's comments we will be doing it as quickly as possible.
You have a highly charged sex life, my dom is much younger than I and has a very high libido any advice?
Loving sub

At 1.10.07, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad to have found these blogs thanks to your tip.
~Todd & Suzy

At 1.10.07, Anonymous Kate said...

Loving Sub
My mouth, vagina, anus and the furrow between my bum cheeks have been used sexually more in the last two and a half months than in the proceeding 5 years. I used to work late at the office but now can't wait to get home.
If you want to keep your young HOH happy and satisfied you will have to make sure your bottom and mouth are always available to him to do what he wants with.
Anon. The Punishment Room is new.

At 1.10.07, Blogger AKB said...

Thank you so much for your kind words.

At 1.10.07, Blogger C's Correction said...

Dear Todd & Suzy,

I have been meaning to come round to your site for some time. I've started a new teaching position which takes me away from home for most of the week and (as yet)I'm not connected up to the internet.

I hope you are both well and enjoying life!


At 1.10.07, Blogger C's Correction said...

Dear AKB,

It is my pleasure! I really enjoy reading your journey into this wonderful lifestyle and I am sure my readers will too!

At the beginning it is hard. But everything that has any value is worth working at - even if at times it may seem too difficult and impossible to achieve.

Take pride in every small progress made and really focus on that. By doing such a small thing you will be amazed how quickly everything else will fall into place!


At 2.10.07, Anonymous Kate said...

Dear C
My HOH has told me he has invited a girl who shares his class at university over for drinks on Saturday afternoon. I was thrilled as he has never introduced me to any of his class mates. I had seen the girl when I have picked him up from uni she is young and attractive. I wanted to look good and asked if I could buy a new dress for the occasion. I was dismayed when he said no, he wanted me to wear just my white singlet and black gym knickers. My gym knickers are okay at the front but cut very brief at the back. One part of me is very nervous and apprehensive about this and another part of me is excited beyond belief.
Have you any thoughts.
Kind regards

At 2.10.07, Blogger C's Correction said...

Hello Kate,

There is no need to be unduly nervous. The fact that you are excited and apprehensive at the same time is simply you taping into the exchange of masculine and feminine energies.

Your HOH instructs you to do something and you do it - you obey him. Obeying every instruction does fill a woman with excitement because it puts her in touch with her femininity and submission. You tingle when your HOH tells you to do something because you feel his masculine authority. You tingle with excitement because you feel his covertly sexual masculine energies, against your feminine ones. You are apprehensive at the same time, since you have completely entrusted yourself to your HOH. You tingle at the anticipation of what he may require you to do...

The fact that you feel excitement and apprehension is a normal feminine expression of your womanhood and submission.

Good luck for Saturday!


At 3.10.07, Anonymous Kate said...

Dear C,
I have confessed to my HOH that I planned to feign illness to avoid meeting his classmate on Saturday but after your response to my post changed my mind.
My HOH has asked if you could suggest an appropriate punishment for me.
Kind regards,

At 3.10.07, Anonymous Kate said...

Dear C,
Just to add to my last post. My HOH is not quite certain whether I should be severely punished or whether because I did not actually do "it" I should just get some corner time or a hand spanking.
My HOH has read your Blog from the beginning a feels like you, humiliation is a very important part of any punishment.
Even though I have not input I am very interested party as my HOH, who has a great respect for your deep understanding of D/s relationships will take your advice.
Kind regards

At 4.10.07, Blogger C's Correction said...

Dear Kate,

Sorry for the delay in replying, but I am currently away from my computer and sitting in a rather busy & noisy internet cafe. It is always easier to get hold of me Sat - Monday. The rest of the week I work away and it is hit and miss on whether I will have the opportunity of (privately) responding to some issues on my site.

I am certainly very flattered in your faith in me! I am also very glad that my comment prompted you to be more truthful to your HOH.

I am really very sorry, but the issue of suggesting appropriate punishments is not something that I feel I can do, for two reasons:

Firstly, as a woman I cannot see the dynamics of LDD from the HOHs point of view. I, therefore, feel that it would be wrong of me to give advice to another HOH. Although I have given advice to HOHs in the past, I have never felt completely comfortable doing so. I am not saying that it is impossible for a submissive woman to give advice to a HOH, it is just less desirable, particularly when there are other experienced HOHs online who are more than happy to offer advice. Having said this I am more than happy to offer advice to you or any other submissive woman.

Secondly, suggesting an appropriate punishment is very personal. Every woman responds to different types of punishment and degrees of severity differently. Some women may respond and be deeply humiliated by a severe scolding alone, whilst others would need stronger forms of punishment. Choosing an appropriate punishment for your dishonest plans is something that your HOH will have to work out for himself. After all, he is the one who knows you at a very deep, personal and emotional level. He is the one who will know which punishments will be more humiliating to you and which will teach you the lesson you need to learn.

Yes, I do agree that you will need some form of punishment for your dishonest schemes. The fact that you didn’t go through with it and confessed your dishonesty, “should” credit you from a fully fledged punishment spanking – but like I said, it is very much for your HOH to decide.

I am sorry I can’t be of anymore help. Let us know how it goes for you if you have the time. Good Luck!

All my best,


At 4.10.07, Anonymous kate said...

Dear C,
My HOH has decided to punish me as if I had gone through with feigning illness on Saturday, with my confession being a mitigating circumstance (he talks like this, he is studying law). He says I have acted like a naughty 16 year old schoolgirl and will be treated like one and has given me one week of age regression. [Edited…] He has changed the punishment room by putting a teachers desk and blackboard into it (it is a fairly large room). I will be treated as a 16 year old girl at a very strict boarding school. [Edited…]I must address him as sir, not speak until I am spoken too and give him instant obedience. If I wish to go to the toilet I must ask his permission.
As soon a I get home from work, I must go directly to the school room and start the school work he has set out for me, I will be tested on this work every 2 days. If I receive less than an 80% mark I will be punished. After the schoolwork (which will last about an hour)there will be an hour of PE which I will have to do in the nude. He will be there with a strap to make sure I do not slack, after that, an hours run, he will run slightly behind me (he is very fit) and smack my bottom if I do not run fast enough (I will have to wear incredibly brief and tight running shorts). He will have to be a bit careful because we will be out in public. When we return I will have dinner (just like I would have if I went to a girls boarding school) then a cold shower then to bed. I own a large house and he has set up a very basic dormitory style bedroom for me. This is the framework of my coming week.
Kind regards

At 4.10.07, Blogger C's Correction said...

Dear Kate,

I am so pleased that you are living this wonderful lifestyle with your HOH and that my comments have helped you! Thank you also for all your comments! Whilst I am always very pleased to receive comments, I am always very careful that comments left here do not mislead people into misunderstanding any aspects of the Loving Domestic Discipline lifestyle, nor offend LDD practitioners who regard their lifestyle as something covertly sexual.

I hope you do not take offence that I edited your comment in two places? There is absolutely nothing wrong with the punishment that your HOH has planned, but it does not really fall into the definition of what constitutes Loving Domestic Discipline. However, just because it doesn't fall into the guidelines does not make it an unsuitable punishment. You are subject to your HOHs authority and "must" obey him regardless!

Whilst it is true, that there are many punishments which will tease out and humiliate the inner child, there is a definite boundary between ALDD/LDD type of punishments and BDSM fetishes. ALDD/LDD is very much concentrated on discipline. It is concentrated on using techniques which the woman may actually dread. Obediently complying to more advanced techniques, puts a woman deeply in touch with her submission and femininity.

Using a school room setting for punishment is not really recommended in LDD because it is verging on role play. The problem with role play is that it is often discussed and talked about before the event (how it is all going to play out) which detracts from the deeper and more meaningful emotions needed for the woman to truly learn from her punishment. The reason why a themed punishment (as in the school room scenario) is not as effective is that there is usually a greater sexual thrill associated with it. More often than not if the role play is not played out as the woman has imagined, she will be disappointed. Teaching a woman a lesson via a punishment spanking may be planned by the HOH, but it is certainly not themed. It is very simple, normal and natural reaction for a HOH to discipline a woman when she misbehaves. There is really no need to complicate the disciplinary process; it is a very simple time honoured process. The genetic blue print for being a solid leader is inside every man. A punishment spanking is not something that a woman looks forward to. She may look forward to it in terms of her submission and becoming a more fulfilled and obedient woman. Or she may look forward to the profound closeness, connection and intimacy (not sexuality) experienced before, during and after her punishment.

If you would like to discuss this further, please email me.

All my very best to you,



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