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Essay – LDD, Regression & the Intelligent Woman (2)

Part one of this essay (LDD, Society & the Intelligent Woman) examined the negative impact society has had on a woman’s femininity. It considered the fact that western societies have often ridiculed a woman for being female, thus stripping her of the most natural and beautiful expressions of her true self. Part two will investigate those women who have gone against the demands of society and have rediscovered their femininity through the implementation of Loving Domestic Discipline. Regressive types of behaviour will be examined. Although regression is not really openly discussed within LDD circles, it is nonetheless, felt by women to varying degrees. The positive effects of regression such as the results of getting in touch with the “inner child” on an emotional level and connecting with the “inner slut” on a sexual level will be discussed.

Regression may sound like something negative or a bit strange, but really it is a very natural process for any woman living in a Loving Domestic Discipline relationship. The infringement on society and denial to be allowed to express ones femininity can cause lasting damage to the essence of her womanhood. Loving Domestic Discipline brings a woman back in touch with her femininity. The woman is regressed back to the very essence of what makes her female. She is regressed back not into being a child again, but into feeling many of the liberating thoughts she was once allowed to feel as a child.

Loving Domestic Discipline connects the woman with her inner child, allowing the woman to access the feelings she one felt when she was a child. The feelings of absolute trust and wonder re-emerge as she casts off the barriers that she had built around her femininity. The woman marvels at the world with new eyes, protected by the love and guidance of her man. The woman regresses back to a time when she was allowed to trust absolutely and without question. It takes her back to a time where she was allowed to cry freely and openly. She stops being guarded and allows for all the years of defence to fall away. As she feels the strong inter-connection of masculine and feminine energies, she is immediately placed back to that safe protected harbour she felt as a child.

Reconnection with her inner child does not make her any less intelligent, it simply opens out her femininity. Feeling some of the positive effects from her childhood such as a certain innocence and complete trust takes her back to her feminine core which was denied to her. By being her true feminine self she facilitates her submission to flow as a natural consequence of her womanhood. Loving Domestic Discipline empowers women to be strong and confident in their newly discovered femininities. Women in a Loving Domestic Discipline relationship discover that they no longer need to hide behind their pseudo-masculine armour of defence.

When the woman freely hands herself over to a male-led relationship she relinquishes control and becomes more at peace with her true feminine self. By casting off her masculine exterior, she surrenders her femininity to her masculine counterpart. The HOH values the woman’s views, but as head makes the final decisions. This does not make the woman less intelligent or less valuable; it simply plays out their different gender roles. It taps into the innate masculine and feminine energies between them. Some women wrongly assume that men don’t like intelligent women, but nothing could be further from the truth. Most men (at least most good HOH’s) welcome intelligent, well educated women. Whether the woman makes more money than her HOH, or is better educated is irrelevant. What men don’t welcome are women who use their intelligence in a shrill, aggressive and controlling way. Men are natural leaders and protectors; it is unnatural and unfeminine for the woman to fight for leadership within the home.

As her man instructs her to do something – tells her, not asks her, or gives her a bed time, a spanking, or sends her to stand in the corner for misbehaving, the woman is directly consumed in his masculine power and authority. The woman grows deeper in her submission and femininity as she hands herself over to her man’s higher power. The fact that her man is holding her accountable for her actions and modifying her behaviour envelops her in a very deep sense of security, protection and love. Such a deep sense of well being, of being lovingly held and nurtured all echo back to her dim and distant childhood.

The woman’s inner child wants to please and wants so much to make her man proud. Being told that she is a “good girl” empowers her femininity, where she blossoms on his praise. Being told she is a “bad” or “naughty girl” makes her bow in shame. A woman who is connected with her inner child will never feel at ease until she has felt the firmness of his hand or implement striking her bared bottom. The woman connected with her inner child will never feel at ease, until she has been soundly spanked through her tears and forgiven by her HOH. It is her inner child which places inordinate amounts of trust in her man; she trusts that he will correct her misbehaviour, always out of love, never anger or resentment. It is only when a woman is connected with her inner child and comes face to face with her femininity and submission can she feel the exchange of the masculine and feminine energies between them. She feels his disapproval, his power, his authority, intermingled with her fear, guilt, shame and anticipation... The vibes from these two opposing energies draws out the very submissive aspects from her inner self. It draws out the very submissive aspects from her inner child - her femininity.

Regressing back to the safety of childhood and becoming in touch with the inner child allows new feelings to develop, feelings which were not apparent in childhood. These new feelings that emerge are the sexual feelings of a grown woman. A grown woman, who has the same unquestioning trust as a child, surrenders herself with sexual obsequiousness to her man. As the inner child allows the woman to rediscover her femininity, this in turn allows her femininity to discover her inner slut (see quote below). Awareness of her inner slut is derived from and is directly attributable to her natural womanly submission. The sexuality from her inner slut puts her into direct contact with all her desires of sexual surrender, submission and servitude to her man. As her man’s masculinity pours over her she surrenders the very core of her femininity to him.

“A woman's inner slut is a celebration of her femininity, of what makes her different from men and worthwhile in her own right. Every woman's inner slut has unique characteristics, just as each woman has unique characteristics. When a woman learns to accept and to respect her own inner slut, she begins to truly flower in her womanhood.” (Mr Lovingdd’s Inner Slut article)

Since the woman’s trust, wonder, innocence and simplicity were violated by society, rediscovery of her inner child puts her in touch with these feelings once again. These feelings in turn helps her to rediscover her femininity. Although femininity is synonymous with submission, submission with all its complexities can be graded from non-sexual feminine submission experienced during childhood (the child yielding compliantly and obediently to the parent) to grades of overtly sexual womanly submission. Despite the fact that the inner slut finds its expression from the origins of adult sexual submission, a woman will never be able to experience the depths of her submission and connection with her inner slut if she has not first come into contact with her inner child. This is because the inner child is the place which has enshrined her femininity. A woman cannot engage in deeper levels of sexual submission with a masculine armour – she must first be reconnected with her inner child and accept her femininity in all its glory.

Most women will probably find the term “slut” deeply offensive. Some may even go to great lengths to deny that they have an inner slut. There are two reasons for such strong opposition. Firstly, the term “slut” has been regarded by society as something very negative. Nice girls are not supposed to have sexual desires or fantasies which err against the norm. Having sexual desires which are outside the accepted norms, or having a strong sexual drive (as women) is frowned on by society. Secondly, many women are conditioned to being so opposed to this word, that they don’t understand the true meaning behind the term and how it relates to them as women.

So what is the inner slut? The inner slut is the inner most core to a woman’s sexuality, it is the sexual expression of her femininity. Without the inner slut there could never be an inter-play between the masculine and feminine energies. Without the existence of the inner slut the woman would never engage in sex, nor would she be able to live in a Loving Domestic Discipline relationship. Slut is not a derogatory word when used in this sense. It is important to realise that it is perfectly OK to express feminine sexuality and Loving Domestic Discipline allows that expression in a beautiful way – via submission. Having an inner slut and being a slut are two very different notions. Expressing her slut instincts to her HOH in a committed relationship or marriage is both natural and desirable, but this is not the same as being a slut. Outside a committed relationship allowing her slut instincts to wreak havoc, by having non-meaningful uncommitted sex with multiple one night stands would probably be classed as someone engaging in their slut instincts.

Both the inner child and inner slut have been condemned by society. The woman not only had to endure having her feminine spirit crushed and destroyed, but also had society condemn her for having strong sexual feelings and instincts. These instincts of the inner slut are normal and healthy sexual expressions of her femininity. To deny them would be to deny her true self.

“Social opposition to the inner slut has been founded on beliefs that the inner slut would lead to the downfall of civilization and polite behavior, or to a decline in the status of women. Both conservatives and liberals have their own justifications as to why the inner slut cannot, should not and must not exist. These justifications are founded on personal fears rather than on genuine understanding of the feminine psyche.” (Mr Lovingdd’s Inner Slut article)

Society, headed by a band of politicians has unfortunately made many women deeply ashamed of harbouring various sexual fantasies, or for having a strong sexual drive. Having slut instincts or overtly sexual desires which stand outside the social norms (including spanking) can indeed make women feel that they are not “nice,” “polite” women . Both a fear and misunderstanding of the inner slut makes society violently opposed to it. Society warns women that it is not what good, intelligent, nicely brought up ladies engage in.

Women, who have regressed back to the safety of their inner child and experienced the essence of their submission and femininity, can very often express their emotions in different ways. One end of the spectrum shows that some women will immediately call their HOH “Daddy” and will feel a greater need for the more nurturing, fatherly qualities in her man. Some women may even like to sit on his knee so that they can immerse themselves in that protective “father/daughter” environment they once felt in the safety of their childhood. However, the other end of the spectrum shows how some women will feel an overtly prevalent sexuality emerging from their inner slut. The reason why Loving Domestic Discipline is so successful is that it harmonises the needs of both the inner child and inner slut - Loving Domestic Discipline’s techniques and practises balances both of these inner most expressions of womanhood.

The inter-play between the inner child and inner slut must strike a harmonious chord. If too much attention is paid to the inner child then the woman may be exploring re-parenting aspects to her behaviour, too much emphasis paid to the inner slut, on the other hand, may result in sexual promiscuity. A balance between the two is what is needed to bring a sense of poise to the woman. The wise HOH always knows how to address both the needs of the inner slut and inner child by holding the predominant one in check. The dynamics of the relationship are at their most unified if the balance is set right.

The relationship between the inner child and inner slut can be best explained by the diagram below. Connection with the inner child allows for the immediate rediscovery of femininity. This reawakened femininity taps into her feminine submission 1. Submission 1 is the rediscovered submission that was part of her femininity as she was growing up. It is here where she would want to be a “good girl” by pleasing her parents and would be try to obediently comply with what was expected from her. Submission 1 in turn allows her to discover her new womanly femininity. This womanly femininity is aided by the masculine and feminine energies in a Loving Domestic Discipline relationship which, in turn facilitates the flow of submission 2. Submission 2, is the woman yielding and surrendering her energies to her man, this is the creation of the woman’s sexual submission which teases out the core of her femininity – her inner slut instincts.

The interplay between the inner child and inner slut can best be described as being on a spectrum. The woman’s psychological behaviours in feeling the emotional connectivity of the inner child and sexual desires of the inner slut can come into play at anytime and move anywhere within the spectrum.

Whilst the extreme needs of the inner child have much of its demands in the emotions, the extreme needs of the inner slut has its demands in sexuality. The interconnectivity between the demands of the inner child and inner slut liaise together. The emotional needs and sexual needs fuse together to become a unified expression of her femininity. As her femininity blossoms she draws herself into deeper levels of submission – this submission becomes her, enshrines her and elevates her. The very depth of her submission epitomises every bit of her womanhood, as she celebrates her newly found emotional, sexual feminine self.

To conclude:

It takes a remarkably strong, capable and intelligent woman to commit herself to a Loving Domestic Discipline relationship. Both consenting to such a relationship and the effort required on her part, requires a great deal of introspection and self-analysis. It takes a remarkably intelligent and confident woman to know she is in the right and stand her ground against the wave of opposition against her. The more professional and highly skilled the woman, the more likely she is to protect her femininity by building a wall of defence around her. Such women will often be so far removed from their natural feminine instincts that they may predominantly seem to stand out as women in great need of the benefits of LDD. Society has damned and crushed the very spirit out of the woman’s psyche. Both the effects of the inner child (femininity) and inner slut (sexual submission) are distorted and condemned by society.

Regression is a natural and necessary expression of the Loving Domestic Discipline relationship. Without regressing to the inner child, by knocking down the pseudo-masculine exterior, women will never get connected to their femininity, nor experience their sexual submission and inner slut instincts. Without connection to the inner child the inner slut will always be feared by many women. A good HOH strives to balance the interplay between the inner child and inner slut. By doing so the woman is placed at her most optimum level, for discovering deeper and more profound levels of her womanhood.


At 28.8.07, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've read this several times and find it really smart and brave. The regression part of the mix is not often commented on on dd blogs, although it's clearly so important. I'd love to read more about your own experiences fighting and accepting regression. And how that has aided your submisision.

Thank you for a great article.

At 30.8.07, Blogger C's Correction said...

Hi there,

Thank you for your kind comment. You are right when you say that regression is not often talked about. I think the reason for this is that people automatically think of the deep type of regression which occurs in therapy. Everyone regresses to some extent and connecting with your inner feminine self or inner child is the first step to finding what it truly feels like to be a woman.

On a personal level, I have always been in touch with my inner child. I think not having to work outside of the home and dedicating all my time to the family for the last 15 years helped tremendously. I do realise that not everyone can be so privileged to stay at home and some people need to go out to work. But I do think, if at all possible, a woman is so much freer to be her natural self if she isn't spinning all the plates at the same time.

I have always felt very submissive even as a small child. I believe that feeling the effects of my submission was a direct consequence of being connected with my inner child, which later in adulthood helped to free the sexually submissive slut instincts from within me too.

Thanks for your comment :-)


At 31.8.07, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are probably right about people thinking regression has to do with therepay.

But I think it's a shame that people don't realize that dd has many age regression feelings associated with it. And that embracing those- actually feel submision. And I think for me at least, to push those feelings away, would make my being in touch with submission and feminity MUCH harder. Being treated as a little girl in punishment makes me find my humility and submission much quicker. And I just dont know why more is not written on it.

So thanks for starting the conversation.

At 31.8.07, Blogger C's Correction said...

Hello again,

You are right when you mention about the “feelings” associated with regression.

However, it is very important to make the distinction that those women who have "feelings" associated with their inner child, do not behave like children. On the same token women who have "feelings" associated with their inner slut do not behave like complete sluts.

By being aware of the feelings connected with the inner child does not make a woman a child - they are a full grown, independent woman. Being aware of the feelings connected with the inner slut does not make a woman into a slut - they are ladies.

Feelings which are directly attributable from the inner child are feelings which society has slowly whittled away. Feelings of complete trust and surrender to a higher power unify the woman with her lost femininity.

If the woman does place too much emphasis on the inner child/inner slut, then judiciously applied LDD can bring the woman into a more balanced frame of mind and behaviour.

You are right when you say that being made to feel that you are a little girl during punishment makes the whole process more humiliating. This is because when a child is punished there is no equality between the child and parent. There is absolutely no doubt that the child is being punished by a person in authority. In a loving partnership between a man and woman on the other hand, it can be more difficult to recreate a feeling of immediate "authority" in the man if the couple had previously been teasing/flirting. This is why the use of "Sir" during punishment accentuates the chasm between them. So that the woman can look to the man as the higher power (like a child would do to a parent)This then makes the punishment more effective in terms of fear before the event, obedience/compliance during the event and the deep remorse felt after the event. The submission felt when the woman is connected with her inner child is so much greater as a result.

I am in the middle of finishing the last part of my Essay entitled LDD, Discipline & the Intelligent Woman, which addresses some of the questions you have raised. Hopefully it will be up on blogger sometime next week.

Thanks for raising such interesting questions.

All the very best to you,


At 4.9.07, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 27.9.07, Anonymous Anonymous said...


I have add your blog to my Links, yours and my life have a great deal in common, except I see from the Husbands point of view. Thank you for your effort, it is not easy to keep a blog!

At 29.9.07, Blogger C's Correction said...

Hello All knowing man,

I think your blog is extremely informative! I am so glad I found it!

All the best,



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