Friday, October 19, 2007

Announcement - Changes

Dear readers,

I have been busy making several changes on this site. The first change is the creation of a new site, C's loving Domestic Discipline Bulletin Board where all the news and announcements will be posted from now on. Initially, when I posted an announcement, my intention was to delete it as soon as it was obsolete. However, many dear readers wrote comments under these announcements, so there was no sure way of deleting the post without deleting reader's comments as well. The Bulletin Board will hold all the announcements in one place which seems more practical and can be accessed by following the link "Announcements" on the right hand side of this page, above the "Previous Posts" section. This will be my last announcement posting on this site, so I urge you dear readers to frequently visit the Bulletin Board if you want to keep updated with the latest news in the LDD community. There is some talk of another LDD get together (organised by someone else) so if you missed the conference in Atlanta, new plans are being drawn out, as I speak!

The second change I made was to add just a little information of who I am into the "My Complete Profile" section. It is very unfortunate that within the LDD community people are desperately holding onto their anonymities. But to raise awareness of this wonderful lifestyle we are going to have to come out of hiding at some point. By staying hidden, we are inadvertently telling people who do discover us, that we are hiding because we are ashamed to be practising Loving Domestic Discipline. I am just as guilty of this as the majority of LDD practitioners, but hopefully I will continue to make steady progress in being less guarded. Another problem with staying hidden is that we are never going to achieve a society that readily accepts or even favours the traditional marital aspects that LDD has to offer. It is our responsibility to take steps to create a better world for our children, where they can grow in the comfort and confidence of who they are, what their gender identity is and what their future roles are as a steadfast HOH and naturally submissive wife.

All my best to you all,



At 21.10.07, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I respectfully disagree with your assertion that anonymity in blogging about LDD is any sort of acknowledgment of abnormality or shame or anything of the sort. LDD is a relationship between two people - an essentially private thing. In choosing to publicly, but anonymously engage in frank discussions about such private matters, you are engaging in an important public service, but doing so anonymously, in my view, simply allows you to do so without bringing the publicity of your blogging into the relationship. If everyone knew who you were beyond the blog, you risk getting more attention (or heaven forbid the wrong kind). That people who blog about such intimate topics choose to do so pseudonymously simply acknowledges that who you are beyond what you write is not really anybody else's business.

At 21.10.07, Blogger C's Correction said...

Dear anonymous,

Thank you for your comment. I really appreciate your openness and frankness since I have really struggled with finding answers to these issues myself…

You are absolutely right when you say that:

“LDD is a relationship between two people - an essentially private thing.”

It is indeed private, but by keeping it hidden amongst ourselves (I’m talking about the theory and dynamics not the intimate private details) it will never be properly understood by society. At best, society classes LDD as either another form of BDSM or some other fetish. Or at worst, society regards LDD as a completely abusive relationship.

It is so ironic that something as natural, beautiful and instinctual as Loving Domestic Discipline deviates from societies norms. But just because it is not classed as normal by society today, does not mean that it will be like this in the future. The norms of society change over time. Homosexuality, for example, was once an abnormality, but is now regarded as normal by society – although it will never be natural. It is society that makes me feel abnormal and ashamed, society also makes me feel compelled to address the balance and set things right. I refuse to be looked down on by society for having such natural instincts. LDD is classed as abnormal only because normality is a social construct.

I’ve heard that some couples are so fed up with being on the peripheries of society that they want to set up LDD communities. They want to do this primarily for their children, so that their children can grow up in a society where they can model their early socialisation on their right and proper genders. However, I believe that such exclusive communities will only be understood by the wider society as “cults” which will only strive to alienate LDD even more.

Letting go of anonymity and coming out into the open may seem a drastic step, but I think it is the only sure way of getting accepted by the wider public.

I would be really interested on any further views you may have on this, if you have the time.

Thank you,


At 22.10.07, Blogger A'sBabe said...

I for one can't afford to come out in the open. My position at work would be jepordized and I can't afford to not have my position.

I would love to be able to just openly discuss this thing we do. However, that is just not feasible for me.

I can't even go to my sisters or mother about this. They would not understand and would immediatley began to question everything in my marriage. They simply would accuse him of abusing me and me of being brainwashed. Both my sisters were in horribly abusive relationships. My mom has never been abused.

My father is a wonderfully quite man. A man who loves his family and is strict to a sense. He however, raised us to be independant and not to need to depend on another human being. I learned that lesson well. So, to tell him that we practice this is simply not doable.

I don't feel I am sneeking around per se. But, do feel that without discussion, ignorance prevails. I am torn on this. On the one hand, secrecy is imperative but secrecy also enables the ignorane.

A's Babe

At 23.10.07, Blogger C's Correction said...

Dear A,s babe,

I understand that working for the government, you have to be incredibly careful. It is, however, so sad that the foundations of LDD are looked down on by so many people. I'm not even talking about "spanking," I am simply talking about a woman's obedience, respect and submission to her HOH!

Realistically speaking, I also cannot come out into the open, since my position at work would also be jepordised - I teach children. There are times when I think that becoming some pioneer for the LDD lifestyle is paramount. But in my more sensible moments, I, like you see the sense in keeping silent.

Your father sounds like a truly remarkable man! It sounds as if you wouldn't be in the position you are in today with your career, without the loving guidance of your father! You are lucky!

All the very best,


At 20.2.08, Blogger Scarlet Minx said...

Dear C,
I very much understand your writing's.
Your Essay's are brilliantly written and they touch home. I very much enjoy your blog.

At 1.3.08, Blogger C's Correction said...

Dear Scarlet minx,

Thank you for your message. Sorry about the delay in getting back but I am presently away and it is not easy for me to blog.

I enjoy your blog too! In fact I am a regular reader :-)


At 20.6.08, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wanted to comment on this one- I think you made such an important point here. The eventual goal of making LDD a normal thing in society seems like the definite next step, truly important. I used to be naive enough to let slip certain (minor!) things about my marriage relationship- to closer friends, and I had two separate friends flip out at me, tell me my husband was controlling and bad and that I should get a divorce. (Never mind that I was really content and happy in my marriage and they were definitely not..).
This antagonism about (publicly known) wife submissiveness exists on many levels and in many forms. Last week I went to my local Farmer's Market and after buying my vegetables, wandered by a jewelry stand, and looked at the display for a minute. The pushy jewelry designer tried to sell me the $60 bracelet I was looking at, and all I said was, "Oh, no, thanks- I'm just looking! Maybe I'll ask my husband about it and come back later, thanks-" Well she literally seemed to start twitching, and then shot me a flustered, man-hating, look and muttered, "ask?" ...and when I could tell she was contemplating a lecture on female rights, I politely and quickly exited.
So we may be stepping on some controlling female-rights toes, and we may be in for a battle. But I am the same, I won't be telling anyone too soon! It is such a relief to read this blog for me that it is hard to put into words. The relief of reading the words of other women like me is profound.
Yes I am all for this idea of positive publicity. The LDD site has news of a study going on with I guess this type of good publicity as the goal. The LDD author says use an anonymous email just in case but consider participating possibly. Who knows, maybe that will be helpful.

At 19.6.09, Blogger Kold_Kadavr_flatliner said...

Trust in Jesus, not yourself. God bless you.


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