Sunday, May 07, 2006

~ My “Good” Girl Spanking ~

R has increased my weekly Maintenance Discipline to twice weekly. For the last few months my Maintenance Discipline was solely administered to eradicate my most serious misbehaviour. Because it was administered for this purpose, it was conveying a “negatively” reinforced message to attain a positive outcome i.e. “You mustn’t engage in this damaging misbehaviour.” I’ve never yet had the benefit of a Maintenance Discipline for no reason than to reinforce my submission conveying a “positively” reinforcing message i.e. “Good girl, this spanking is to ensure the continuation of your very good progress and behaviour.”

I will, therefore, be getting two Maintenance disciplines at the weekend when R is home. Today was my first ever good girl spanking. I feel wonderful as a result! My HOH feels wonderful too. When I asked R what the difference was for him, between the two types of Maintenance, he told me that Maintenance for my most serious misbehaviour is always fraught for him. He worries that if he doesn’t deliver it with enough tenacity, I might transgress and he will feel partly to blame. I never had any idea he felt in some way responsible if my behaviour does slip – this now makes me feel doubly guilty and determined not to let the side down!

I always erroneously believed, that whether my behaviour was good/bad was very much down to me. That R’s contribution as my HOH some how abstained him from any direct involvement, regarding my misbehaviour and only brought his attentions to play when I needed discipline. However, in light of my HOH’s recent revelations about feelings of direct responsibility for my misbehaviour, does highlight the combined team effort needed in Loving Domestic Discipline lifestyle to make it work.

Our interchanging roles of being both active and passive at different times weave themselves through our daily lives. R's role as HOH is mostly active as the leader and guide and mine is passive as his follower. But at times, R’s dominance is very much felt, understood and respected in a passive sense. He only has to look at me, or call me “K” and I know that my behaviour is displeasing to him. At other times his approach is active when he is directly involved in disciplining me by administering a firmly spanked bottom. Likewise, there are times my role is passive when I’m presenting my bared bottom over his knee for his attentions. At other times it is active, when I have Non-Spanking Punishments to fulfil such as extra chores, essay or line writing, etc…

Lovingdd’s recent addition to his Maintenance Discipline article “Part Two” makes a very valuable insight into the dynamics and benefits of regular Maintenance Discipline.


Artist: Paula Russell


At 16.5.06, Blogger rivka said...

I'm glad you experienced a GG!!! FUN. =) Hope life is going well...

At 24.5.06, Blogger C's Correction said...

Hi Rivka,
Yes, a gg spanking will certainly set the morning off to a good start.

Hope life is going well for you too. :)


At 24.4.09, Anonymous Anonymous said...

can someone tell me HOW to give a GG spanking pretty please?


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