Monday, January 16, 2006

Our Christmas Present....

As a Christmas present from my HOH, he is taking me on a 5 week vacation. Amongst other places, he is taking me to… “An area the same size as the US, with a population of around ½ a million for the WHOLE of that area!” Considering, that there are 8 million in New York City alone… Can anyone guess where R and I are going??

Around 1,000 different languages are spoken. However, most of these languages have no word for “stress!” It must be REALLY frustrating to want a “stress relief spanking,” but have no word in that particular language, with which to communicate it…. ;)


Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Is spanking you erotic?

My darling C,

You repectfully reminded me that the blog needs attention so I thought I would write a short item about how I feel on this topic. I don't think I have said much to you about it so there might be a few surprises for you.

There are certainly times, usually when the spanking is not for such a severe misdemeanour, that I can get physically aroused while you are over my knee. You may have noticed this yourself! More often than not, however, the emotions that I go through during your punishments are not sexual or erotic at all. That is because LDD is a serious business for me. Not only am I a relative novice at administering punishments as part of our LDD relationship but also, I know how much saying or doing the wrong thing can spoil the effect. In fact, administering an effective discipline can be quite tiring, stressful and frought with risk of failure. So far I think I have avoided such failure but only through careful preparation.

I do, however, find it erotic to plan your punishments and often review them in my mind both before and afterwards. That is why I rarely let you know much about the detail in advance and also why I often prolong the anticipation. I know it adds to the punitive effect for you. Perhaps you didn't know that it adds to the erotic effect for me!

So, my darling, next time you know that I am travelling home and you have a punishment due to you, rest assured that I have been aroused by the thought of you submitting to me by presenting your beautiful bottom for my attentions. Incidentally, it is that moment when you prostrate yourself that I like most. The redness of the finished article does not usually excite me because there is always a small element of guilt wrapped up in the pride of a job well done. Therefore, you can be certain that when I get down to business of giving you your punishment that correcting your behaviour is the most important thing in the world to me.

With love