Tuesday, November 22, 2005


R, I am sorry to admit that I have been dishonest. On Sunday you asked me what the most painful implement was – my reply was the slipper. You seemed to accept this… I’m really my own worst enemy. We both understand that loving domestic discipline will only benefit me as a woman if the spankings are hard and severe. You do administer extremely severe spankings, which leave my bottom sore for days! It is because of my fear of such spankings and the dread of my next Maintenance, that led me to lie about the slipper being the most painful implement!

You have now stopped caning/switching me which I am very grateful for. However, I have never admitted to you that my most feared and painful implement is the Loopy Johnny. It actually hurts in a similar way to the cane, but it doesn’t carry the same implications about safety.

By lying, I have caused potential disadvantage to myself. I do realise that in order to learn valuable lessons for my misbehaviours, my spankings must be very painful.

Thus, I have listed a range of implements from the least to the most effective:


  • 'Slipper' (Your slipper is light and flexible. It makes a nasty thwacking sound but doesn't hurt at all!)


  • 'Hand' (Depending on the force - ranging from moderate to very painful)
  • 'Gym shoe'
  • 'Hair brush' (Plastic paddle shaped)


  • 'Belt'
  • 'Strap'
  • 'Wooden spoon'
  • 'Hair brush' (Wooden)


  • 'Paddle' (Depending on force - can be excruciating!)


  • 'Loopy Johnny'
  • 'Cane'
  • 'Switch'
  • 'Lochgelly Tawse'

I have recorded this for you as a lasting reminder of my dishonesty. I respectfully request you to choose which ever implement you see fit, to punish me accordingly.



Sunday, November 13, 2005

An update from R

My Darling C,
I now have some time to blog your progress. It is almost five months since we started our new relationship. It has changed over that time to a much more honest and trusting one. I am very pleased about that!

In that time you have:
  • Offered your submission to me in the LDD format
  • Grown much closer to me and started to show me the respect you lost because of my affair. This is a big thing that is allowing us both to put the past behind us. I thank you for that from the bottom of my heart.
  • Confessed two serious things to me and a number of others along the way
  • Shown remarkable progress in resolving your most serious problem, thanks to the maintenance and punishment discipline I have given you.
  • Accepted a range of punishments and loving limits designed to improve your behaviour and wellbeing. In particular, I am pleased with the way you have accepted the "chores for computer time" system, although you still need practice in recording on the spreadsheet.
  • Established a blog that has growing numbers of visitors but most importantly chronicles our relationship.
  • Started to write poetry again! I love "The Belt" - it is very simple and poignant. "Chastisement" sounds better when recited but is still a very lovely poem.

So overall, I am most impressed. You have been a very good girl! That is not to say that there haven't been problems but you are aware of them and are keen to improve. I am keen to help you. So here are some things to help you make even more progress:

  • Do not directly request things that you think I should be doing. As HOH, I want the right to decide for myself the way I provide you with loving guidance and authority. It undermines me to hear you ask for this or that limit or discipline technique. You may journal them respectfully or you may request a review discussion. I will only allow review discussions up to once a month unless there is a compelling reason. Please do not misunderstand this point. I am glad that you make these suggestions but I do not like the way they are delivered.
  • Try to think about what would please me. This is most likely to be your good behaviour rather than gifts or kind words. So, for example, you rightly told me about your late bed times. While I was pleased that you told me, it dissapointed me for two reasons. Firstly, I expect you to be sensible about such things so you should not have been going to bed so late when I am away in the first place. Secondly, I was undermined by you asking for the bed time. If you had simply told me you were going to bed late don't you think I would have been able to decide what to do about it?
  • Think hard about what you are sending to others in emails and on blogs. You have caused some controversy and even put one person in a difficult position recently. I will give you a humiliating punishment if anything like that happens again. Your emails should be moderate and well thought out. If you think about how I would react if I was there then that should help you to be more moderate.
  • Respect my work time. As we have grown closer, you have sometimes telephoned three or more times during the day. This is not conducive to a professional image and gives me uneccessary stress while I am at work. Unless there is a real crisis, you should not telephone between 09:00 and 17:30. I will always look forward to a call after that, however! If it helps, why not jot down the thing that you wanted to talk about in your journal so that it is easier to remember it later on in the day?

So my darling, I think this is an excellent report! You are doing remarkably well and I am very pleased. If you look back at our early posts, I think you will see what I mean.

With love



Thursday, November 10, 2005

A Poem - "The Belt"

The mark of my correction,
You wear upon your waist.
I hear the belt unbuckle,
My punishment to taste.

You tell me very sternly,
To "come toward with haste".
So now I'll feel the licking sting,
Of stripes, which you will paste.


Wednesday, November 09, 2005

A Poem - "Your Loving Hand"

Oh, how I love your loving hand,
as it tenderly strokes my hair.
It holds me so accountable,
but is reasonable and fair.
It guides me and protects me,
with such tenderness and care.
It gently holds me in position,
for discipline to bare.

With firmness from your loving hand,
the redness I do wear.
As I thank you for correction,
and promise not to dare...
Overstep the mark again,
but be submissive sweet and rare.
You smile at me knowingly,
in the knowledge we both share.
That soon I'll be across your knee,
with pain once more to bare... ;)


Tuesday, November 08, 2005

A Poem - "Chastisement"

Husband, how you fill me with
such dread,
When you whisper my misconduct
in my ear,
Your scolding words start spinning
in my head,
As my stomach tightens and heart
doth pump in fear.

Thou, tellest me to prepare myself
upon the bed,
That on returning home I will
be firmly punished…
My face doth blush and get
increasingly red,
From the duty of the scolding
you admonish.

The crowded town, bustling with
May think that R and I are on an
equal par,
They hardly notice when I start
to cry,
As we solemnly walk back towards
the car.

The drive back home, you lay
it straight,
Where you point out the error of
my ways,
With anticipated fear I await
my fate,
My mind tormented, panic
and in a haze…

In the silence of the bedroom
I prepare,
Thinking why am I in this position
once again?
Did I not take heed in the warnings
to beware…
So now my bottom will feel the wrath
of switch or cane?

I undress from waist down and lay
across the bed,
I await your footsteps as they approach
the bedroom door,
That same antique bed we shared the
night we wed,
Will now bear witness to correction –
with bottom red and sore.

You enter, husband dear and sit
upon the bed,
In front of you I must confess
my wrong,
You pick up paddle which fills me
with such dread,
As I obediently submit to discipline
severe and long…

Across your knee I place
You spank me with paddle, but first
with hand,
The pain hits home as I brace
in stealth,
My tears flow freely, on our loving
bed they land.

The pain builds up, my endurance
I evoke,
I simply cannot take more pain –
I simply can’t!
You never flinch nor hesitate with each
progressing stroke,
With firmness you continue each
application as I rant!

The Disobedience Discipline warning
I did not heed,
But first I must do Corner Time and
face the wall,
I will not struggle but obey your
every deed,
I stand humbled in the corner
meek and small...

The Disobedience Discipline has
now earned,
“Six of the Best” of cane I must
This is a severe but valuable lesson
to be learnt,
The cane punishing disobedience –
a painful cure!

I hear the cane “THWACK” as you
test the air,
Cutting through - the dragon’s vicious
I must now kneel with hands on back
of chair,
And stick out bottom, which will be
firmly stung!

The pain is sharp, I must regard with
all my might,
In position I must brace myself on being
quiet and still,
My piercing scream I will not let go
but fight,
As I bite down hard – obedient to your
loving will.

My cathartic tears at last break
That deep repentant cry, from far
within will flow,
I can no longer feel the pain
immense and true,
As body, in surrender melts to each
and every blow –

My punishment ends, you hold
me tight,
I cry whilst embraced upon your
I thank you for teaching me the difference
between wrong and right,
Whilst re-connecting once more to
follow thee –

You kiss away my tears and stroke
my hair,
In your protective arms I’m
You wrap me in a quilt and hold me

with such care,
Forgiven, I’m re-united and revived.